Đorđe Stanojević‘s exhibition ‘The Orchard’ opens in Novi Sad

/ / Uncategorized / 7. 11. 2019.

FCA professor Đorđe Stanojević continues to expand his artistic output. On Friday, October 18, his exhibition ‘The Orchard’ opened at the Bel Art gallery in Novi Sad.

This is professor Đorđe Stanojević’s 34th exhibition, curated by Alexandra Lazar, a London-based Serbian curator.

Linking scientific and artistic processes

The theme of the exhibition is orchard. This is the final series of paintings created by Stanojević during the summer of 2019. The exhibition generated much attention among artists and scientists due to the fact that Stanojević has been linking natural and artistic processes for years.

The exhibition at the Bel Art gallery is open until mid-November.