Fantastic Anatomy class at the University Library

/ / News / 6. 12. 2019.

Professor Ružica Bajić Sinkević shared an unusual experience with her students. She took them to her Fantastic Anatomy exhibition which opened on November 1st at the Svetozar Marković University Library.

The students got the opportunity to learn about the anatomy of various animals and draw skeletons of wild and domestic animals (giraffes, cats, tigers, bears, wild boars, poultry, etc.).
Exhibition part of the Days of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Fantastic Anatomy exhibition opened on November 1st 2019 at the Art Center of the Svetozar Marković University Library, as part of the Days of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The following renowned visual artists exhibited their works: Miodrag Bajić, Rastko Ćirić, Miloš Slavković, Dejan Mandić, Tiberiu Beka, Iva Atoski, Ružica Bajić Sinkević, Nataša Matović, and Krunoslav Jović. Bratislav Vasilić created the sound installation and the Anatomical Museum of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine exhibited the animal skeletons which are part of their permanent collection.