Optimal academic and professional conditions for work and development of teachers and associates

From the moment it became part of the LINK edu Alliance, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts gathers referents of academic and professional stature from various scientific, professional, and artistic areas and fields. Thanks to the strong professional and managerial support of the founder, the FCA provides its students and teachers with excellent conditions for development, the most modern professional and educational standards, state-of-the-art technology, and software for work. 

As part of the international educational alliance – LINK Educational Alliance – teachers, and associates at FCA have professional support in the development of their academic careers and advancement to higher teaching positions, the possibility of additional affirmation in international circles, as well as the possibility of additional earnings, travel and mobility through EU projects.

Through the optimal combination of time spent teaching and dedication to improving and acquiring scientific and professional references and competencies, and with the help of various services and the support of the founder, our teachers and associates have the conditions to achieve the best results.

Creative oasis for work for teachers and associates at FCA!

Teachers and associates at FCA work in an environment where they feel comfortable. Classes are organized within the curriculum, in the artistic oasis at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, 12 Svetozara Miletića Street, Belgrade.

  • Creative district of opportunities
  • Amazingly large working space, with a beautiful exterior and interior for various purposes – from workshops for manual work to modern premises for giving presentations 
  • An exceptional city location in a neighborhood that is constantly changing and shaping 
  • Its primary focus is on the friendliness of the staff, and a quality, educated, professional, and socially prominent team 
  • Openness to personal suggestions, creative projects, and support for personal development in both academic and artistic contexts
  • Possibility of giving suggestions, presenting, advancing, and working on projects, as well as achieving cooperation with institutions and individuals 
  • Systematic careful selection of staff, but also of students, for the sake of the best possible creative and academic atmosphere within the whole Department

Work Modalities of teachers and associates at FCA

Unlike a large number of higher education institutions in our country and region, including those founded by the state, FCA has found the best work model, in which our employees achieve a balance between private life and work and make stimulating earnings

Within the framework of several different modalities of work engagement that are available to employees, in accordance with the regulations in the field of higher education, our teachers modulate their job responsibilities by building work engagement according to their own requirements, i.e. their needs.

Model 1: Full course load

includes arriving at the Faculty’s locations during the semester and exam periods on the days when classes, exercises, exams, consultations with students, on-call and committee meetings are held, of which the employees with full course load are a part.

Model 2: Lower course load

includes arriving at the Faculty’s locations during the semester and exam periods on the days when classes, exercises, exams, consultations with students, on-call and committee meetings are held, of which the employees with lower course load are a part.

Model 3: Combination of work at ITS and FCA

implies work at ITS and the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, with divided working hours.

Model 4: Combination of work at FCA and in LINK Educational Alliance

includes work within the international educational alliance through a combination of basic and supplementary work.

FCA has chosen locations for its premises in the inner city core of Belgrade, without regional centers, so that employees can enjoy the convenience of easily accessible city locations.

Our employees manage their own time!

What do we offer to our teachers and associates?

Faculty of Contemporary Arts comprehensively takes care of its teachers in various ways, which is why we offer you the following salary package:


Stimulating model of earnings, benefits and conveniences, interest-free loans, and the possibility of additional earning.

Great benefits for excellent teachers!
We are inspiring teaching excellence.



Programs for recognizing the individual contribution of each employee and a reward system based on it, as well as vertical and horizontal movement through the school and the international educational alliance;


Assistance in acquiring scientific, professional and artistic references and advancement to higher teaching positions;


Professional development and career management at the individual and organizational level with the possibility of getting scholarships to continue with studies and meritocracy;


Care for the psychophysical and socioemotional health of employees and safety at work, preferential conditions for private health insurance and fitness;


High professional standards for institutions, teachers and students;


Affirmative organizational culture that promotes cooperation, networking, work in high-performance teams, but also the individual contribution of each employee;


Use of the state-of-the-art technology in teaching, developing and setting of new global edtech standards;


The possibility of traveling around the world, as well as additional earnings through participation in international projects;


Professional courses for personal and professional development;


Paid professional development programs and support of the Institute for Contemporary Education;


Support of LINK Educational Alliance centers in acquiring scientific, professional and artistic references and advancing to higher teaching positions;


The support platform of the LINK Educational Alliance Project Center in applying for EU projects and involving teachers and associates in the implementation of the received projects.

LINK Educational Alliance educational centers and services in support of ensuring the success of our teachers and associates

The regulation in the field of higher education is explicit about the conditions for acquiring teaching titles and advancing to higher teaching positions. Unlike other higher education institutions where teachers and associates are left to their own possibilities of organizing scientific and professional research and promoting the results of scientific, professional, and artistic research, our teachers and associates are provided with assistance in providing the necessary references and competencies needed to fulfill the obligations of teachers and advance to higher teaching and associate positions.

Center for Research and Publication (CRP), within the LINK Educational Alliance, provides comprehensive support, rich resources, and modern tools that enable the flawless development of individual and team scientific research. The best conditions allow teachers to carry out all phases of scientific studies without difficulty and in accordance with the highest standards, starting from research work, through organizing participation in scientific conferences, to publishing and presenting results.

The LINK Educational Alliance Project Center helps teachers, pupils, and students of the LINK Educational Alliance to better understand the possibilities offered by the academic and professional association and inclusion in European academic and professional programs. Since the beginning of the establishment and gathering of a team of project experts within the Project Center at the end of 2019, significant results have been achieved when it comes to encouraging the participation of schools and other institutions within the LINKgroup in international projects and those financed from EU funds.

FCA is one of the first private schools with access to the prestigious Web of Science index databases and services

LINK edu Alliance, under whose auspices is the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, is officially the first and only private educational system in Serbia that has access to excellent services on the Web of Science platform.

The three-year Agreement between the LINK edu Alliance and the company Clarivates, which owns Web of Science, provides teachers, students, and associates with equal opportunities for advancement and development.

Before that, only state universities, institutes, and higher education institutions had access to WOS services and bases in Serbia, while private higher education institutions, faculties, and scientific institutions did not have this possibility, which made it difficult to achieve a satisfactory level of quality of work and training.

The collaboration between the LINK edu Alliance and the Web of Science platform allows teachers of LINK institutions, including teachers at FCA, to gain access to scientific publications with a high level of reference, which helps unhindered scientific development and professional advancement. Also, it contributes to the enrichment of teaching and learning content, which will follow the latest scientific achievements and thus provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Teachers and associates’ responsibilities

  • Implementation of all forms of teaching with students on basic and master’s vocational studies according to the established schedule, the curriculum in accordance with approved teaching calendars, class schedule, exam periods, and exams;
  • Conducting various forms of knowledge testing and exams;
  • Work on the improvement of teaching performance;
  • Making proposals for the improvement of existing teaching curriculums;
  • Reviewing seminar papers, assignments, projects, and other student papers.

We follow the best world practices in order to ensure optimal conditions for the work of teachers and associates at FCA

In the table that was created as a result of primary and secondary research, by analyzing the content, case studies, and the results of a survey conducted among teachers and associates employed in our educational system and other educational systems, the conditions provided to employees in higher education by higher education institutions in Serbia are compared with the best world practices and FCA practices. 

From the graphic representation of the results of the primary and secondary research, it is evident that FCA offers its employees better conditions compared to public schools, and equally good or better conditions compared to the best world practices.

ConditionsOther HEI in SerbiaBest world practicesFCA
The possibility of additional financial support for employees and their families (loans, gifts)N/A
Financial assistance for new employees (interest-free loans)
Possibility of additional earnings and gifts (surprise gifts, anniversary gifts, trips)
Work in a systemically organized environment (regulations, standards, ethical corporate principles)
Possibility to participate in international projects (references, exchange of experience, mobility, travel, fees and per diems)
Competitive working hours (duration, categories, work-life balance)
Possibility of getting a scholarship to continue education for employees and their children
Excellent working conditions (location, technology, software)
Professional support in work is always present and available (mentors, psychologists, pedagogues, directors, feedback on the quality of work)N/AN/A
Programs of paid professional development of employees and continuing education
Opportunity for professional affirmation and networkingN/A
Vertical and horizontal mobility within the school and within the international educational association (new opportunities for career development and earnings), career management at the individual and organizational level
Programs for recognizing talent and best practices, rewarding them and meritocracy
Excellent organizational culture (learning organization, professional freedom of employees, direct communication with the founder)
Employee health and safety programs (free and discounted content)N/A
Changing educational systems, choosing optimal curricula, introducing new educational paradigms and practices, influencing changes in the environment through education
Sustainability programs and projects, cooperation with local communities and social groups, assistance in solving social, financial and environmental problems of individuals and the environmentN/A
Equal development opportunities for all employees, meritocracy, eradication of nepotism, inspection and control processes that prevent discriminatory practices
Reputation of employees and enhancement of their CV – work in a reference HEI and in an international educational associationN/A
Assistance in scientific research work and publishing activities, advancement through teaching and associate positions, through counseling, professional support and provision of necessary resourcesN/A
Access to Web of Science services and scientific databasesN/A
Organized and systematic assistance in applying and creating conditions for participation in international EU projects within the Erasmus+ and Horizon programsN/AN/A

Working conditions for teachers at FCA

LINK edu Alliance, as an international educational alliance, which includes FCA, has created optimal programs for teachers and associates that we are very proud of:

1. Re-shaping the future of education – we are making the difference

Re-shaping the future of education – we are making the difference

Changing education and changing the world to suit our children.

An opportunity to participate in the work of a system that changes the world of education for the better according to our students and the market’s needs.

  • Freedom of work, autonomy in work
    • Making proposals for innovation and the institution’s work and teaching improvement;
    • Participation in creating optimal curricula;
    • Independence in choosing the way of work in accordance with quality standards.
  • Possibility of joining professional associations and professional affirmation

4. Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition Program

A unique program that increases the visibility of each employee and ensures meritocracy; Rewarding the best results and behavior of employees; Regular award programs and anniversary awards; Financial rewards for referrals; Assistance to employees and family members.

  • Recognition of employee contributions
  • Space for self-actualization
  • Respect for rights and freedoms
  • Participation in decision-making for issues of importance to employees
  • Open, two-way communication, without noise and intermediaries
  • Founder’s availability for communication
  • Gifts
    • Anniversary gifts
    • Surprise gifts
    • New Year’s gifts for children

6. LINK edu for Employees i Personal Development Program (LINK EPPD program)

LINK edu for Employees i Personal Development Program (LINK EPPD program)

Unique program and platform for professional development of employees – Employee Professional and Personal Development Program (LINK EPPD Program); Employees development projects through rotation, i.e. mentoring and instruction, a great possibility of vertical and horizontal mobility within schools and LINK edu Alliance.

  • Professional support in work
    • Support programs for new teachers;
    • Internal training;
    • Help from the administration, pedagogues, and psychologists from the system;
    • Mentoring and support of senior colleagues;
    • Getting feedback on the quality of work;
    • Assistance in scientific research through the internal Center for Research and Publication.
  • The possibility of advancement and career management
    • Vertical advancement in the school hierarchy;
    • Horizontal and vertical advancement within the LINK edu Alliance.
  • The possibility of additional training and education
    • Free seminars for professional development;
    • Free education;
    • Paid professional training;
    • Possibility of scholarship for doctoral studies;
    • Free membership in the Institute for Contemporary Education;
    • Free membership in the Teachers Inspired Club;
    • Participation in EU projects.
  • The possibility of affirming the talents of employees in jobs other than their primary job

2. Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits

Stimulating salary packages for employees. Favorable conditions for individual work and advancement, as well as work in high-performance teams.

  • Excellent financial terms
    • Higher earnings compared to the average earnings within the same industry;
    • Regular salary payments through the employee’s current account;
    • Full salary contributions.
  • Possibility of additional earnings
    • Possibility of participation in international projects and additional earnings;
    • Possibility of participation in the work of other institutions in the LINK edu Alliance.
  • Financial assistance for new employees when starting work
  • An interest-free loan without the obligation to repay with the condition of working for a certain period
  • Financial assistance for employees and their families
  • Opportunity for scholarships for children in LINK educational institutions (discounts or free education upon approval of the founder)

7. Sustainability and connection with community

Sustainability and connection with community

Strategies and programs of sustainability and social inclusion; The LINK edu Alliance is as important a part of the community as FCA; Various financial assistance programs are designed to provide assistance to those in need; LINK edu Alliance provides the community with free educational materials and platforms for learning, scholarships, and other educational programs of professional education.

  • Support in proposing various projects and actions related to solving social, financial, and environmental problems of the community;
  • The possibility of employee participation in various social inclusion programs;
  • Strengthening ties with local communities;
  • Creating a positive impact on the environment;
  • Using services and resources to help the disadvantaged.

8. Strong organizational culture

Strong organizational culture

A strong organizational culture based on learning and professional development; Fosters high moral and professional standards.

  • Work in the most prestigious educational system, which consists of K–12 (primary and secondary schools), HEIs (higher education institutions), and PE (professional education)
    • Work at FCA – an excellent reference for enhancing CVs;
    • Work in the international educational alliance;
    • Work in a system that has a strong organizational culture with active and engaged employees;
    • Work in a system that fosters high moral and professional standards.

3. Equal opportunity for all employees (no glass ceiling)

Equal opportunity for all employees (no glass ceiling)

Equal opportunities for employment and advancement for all candidates and employees.

  • Visibility of activities in the public, promotion of the quality of the work of employees;
  • Meritocracy;
  • Respect for the rights and freedoms of every employee;
  • Ethics in all phases and processes of human resource management to ensure equal treatment for all and prevent nepotism and discriminatory practices;
  • High ethical business principles.

5. Work-life balance & Health and Safety Program

Work-life balance & Health and Safety Program

Taking care of the safety and physical, psychological, and socioemotional health of employees and their satisfaction; A unique Health and Safety program with supplier discounts and free promotions for employees.

  • Competitive working hours
    • Extended annual leave during the summer;
    • Free days during the school year;
    • Work-life balance.
  • Discounts from partner organizations for the purchase of various products and services
  • Gifts for employees from the Health and Safety domain

9. Unique LINK Employee Standards

Unique LINK Employee Standards

Existence of professional standards for all employees, teachers, and professional leaders in primary, secondary, and higher education and other parts of the group; Evaluating the quality of institutions and ensuring optimal conditions for the work and development of each employee.

  • Work in a systemically organized environment
    • Consistent compliance with the law;
    • Internal rules governing internal work in all areas;
    • Procedures for carrying out work;
    • Defined quality standards and clear conditions for rewards and promotion;
    • Automation of work processes in order to achieve an optimal composition of job responsibilities.
  • Excellent work locations
  • Excellent technical conditions
    • Cutting Edge Equipment;
    • Working assets;
    • Top-notch software for teaching and administration.
  • Availability of up-to-date literature and teaching materials in accordance with the teacher’s choice and needs


FCA has vacancies for the selection and employment of full-time and part-time teachers, assistants and teaching assistants for narrow scientific and artistic fields:

  • Dramatic and audiovisual arts (acting, stage movement, drama and film, dramatic arts, artistic production, artistic projects, and practice);
  • Music (keyboard instruments, string instruments, singing, music theory, musical ensembles);
  • Cultural Sciences and Communication Studies (journalism, culture, media, communication studies);
  • Fine arts (drawing and painting, mural painting, graphics, sculpture);
  • Applied Arts and Design (Communication Design, Interior Architecture, Digital Drawing, Costume);
  • Legal Sciences (intellectual property law);
  • Philosophy and Aesthetics;
  • Art history;
  • Sociological Sciences;
  • Pedagogical Sciences;
  • Computer Sciences (Information Sciences);
  • Management and Business (Business Economics and Management, Art Management, Business);
  • Philological Sciences (English, literature, foreign languages);
  • Art Sciences (Theory of Art);
  • Information Technology.

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