FCA is the first faculty in Serbia to become a partner of the New European Bauhaus and has joined the community of prestigious European universities, cultural institutions, organizations, and other institutions

/ / News / 11. 04. 2024.

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts (FCA) has just become part of an exclusive partnership with the New European Bauhaus, thus joining a large and dynamic international initiative that brings a refreshing perspective to the European space. This exciting collaboration is part of an initiative launched by the European Union to bring the European Green Deal closer to a wider audience.

The New European Bauhaus is a creative project that brings together various experts – designers, artists, architects, engineers, students, and activists – to collectively create a new, sustainable, and inclusive future. This is a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas and synergy between different disciplines.

Building a new Europe for the twenty-first century

Most importantly, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, as the first faculty in Serbia, has joined the community of European universities, cultural institutions, organizations, and other institutions that share the same vision and goal: building a new Europe for the twenty-first century through collaborative work, cooperation, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

FCA students at the center of this partnership

This exciting project of partnership status for the Faculty of Contemporary Arts emerged from the subject of Contemporary Design Theory in the master’s study program, and the team of students who actively participated in the project development deserves special recognition. Sara Nikolić, Marija Raičković, Aleksandra Svetlik, Nevena Trkulja, Milica Vasilić, Marijela Gajić, Marta Glavčić, and Lenka Petrović, along with Prof. Dr. Dragan Ćalović, laid the foundations for this inspiring collaboration. Additionally, we must not forget that English language professor Zorica Jelić played a key role in translating the application into English.

Become part of the community shaping a new European future

More details about the New European Bauhaus can be found on the official website of this initiative, and soon information will be available on the Faculty of Contemporary Arts website as well. We invite all students and professors to join the exciting activities that will be organized at FCA as part of this initiative and become part of the community actively contributing to the building of a new European future. This is an opportunity to be part of something truly interesting and inspiring!

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