Enroll at the university as soon as you finish your first or second year of high school

To all of those who already know what they want in life and who possess a clear goal of developing their artistic talent, Faculty of Contemporary Arts offers a special opportunity – to begin their higher education studies as soon as they finish their second or third year of high school.

In case you opt for that, the only difference in regards to those who enroll after they finish high school is that, in addition to having to pass the entrance exam, you also need to pass the additional exam designed in accordance with the high school curriculum.

Who can seize this opportunity?

Regardless of the type of high school you finished your freshman and sophomore year at, you can take qualification exams and enroll at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts along with the new generation of your colleagues, young artists.

That way, you can start your freshman college year at the following departments: Dramatic Arts – Acting, Fine Arts – Painting, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Animation, Illustration and Game Art.

Why is it good to enroll at FCA after sophomore year?

  • You are determined to realize your intention to develop your artistic talent;
  • You choose artistic career sooner than your peers;
  • When your peers start enrolling at the faculties of their choice, you will already have your own portfolio and numerous stage appearances and exhibitions behind you;
  • Those who are determined from the start are focused on their talent, determined and do not give up that easy;
  • It is better to start your studies right away instead of learning about acting, painting or design in random workshops;
  • You will be given the opportunity to study side by side with your older colleagues.

What’s the additional test that candidates must take like?

The ranking of the candidates for enrollment in the first year of artistic academic studies is determined on the basis of their general success in high school and their points in the entrance exam.

Depending of the department you wish to enroll in, you will be given additional qualification exams either in literature or visual arts or you will be assigned to write a paper on a given topic.

Each test has 10 questions. You pass it if you have more than 5 correct answers, and these are the grades:

6 answers – grade 2 (satisfactory),
7 answers – grade 3 (good),
8 answers – grade 4 (very good),
9 and 10 answers – grade 5 (excellent).

The books required for preparing for qualification exams:

Priručnik za učenike trećeg razreda gimnazije i srednjih stručnih škola
AUTHORS: Časlav Đorđević and Mr Predrag Lučić
SEGMENT: pages 9 through 288

Priručnik za učenike četvrtog razreda gimnazije i srednjih stručnih škola
AUTHORS: Časlav Đorđević and Mr Predrag Lučić
SEGMENT: pages 9 through 285

za gimnazije i stručne škole
AUTHORS: Vidosava Galović and Branka Gostović
SEGMENT: Chapter I, pages 7 through 61; Chapter II, pages 65 through 120
Additional literature: Istorija umetnosti, Vidosava Galović, Zavod za udžbenike Beograd,
sixth edition 2007

The candidates write an essay on a given topic, which is graded from 1 (insufficient) through 5 (excellent).

You can learn more about the qualification exams and the literature from this PDF document.