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A plethora of different layers affects how we perceive the world. From the moment we appear in the world, the formation of our views and personalities begins. As children, we absorb our environment mostly in the way it is conveyed to us by those closest to us. Gradually, depending on the individual’s environment, through experiences we form our own judgment, which shapes as we develop.

Milica Pejković, Stefan Matić, and Despot Đurić see the world in entirely different semantic ways. Stefan Matić perceives it with the heart, Despot with reason, and Milica with imagination. Each of them directs their gaze towards their own affinities and personality. Their works speak a special language, conveying to us their experiences, desires, and critiques.

Their visual poetics is also their individual liberation, as numerous feelings, inner turmoil, and observations cannot be conveyed by words, but by the choice of color, material, brushstroke, and composition.

Milica Pejković places us in front of a world where everyone would like to dwell… forever. Her palette is resonant, vibrant, yet refined and calming. The melody produced by her canvases and objects gives us a sense of fairytale-like joy that takes us back to carefree times.

Stefan Matić avoids any kind of formal approach. Newly stretched canvases are not an inspiration to him, but rather the discarded and forgotten ones, to which he breathes new life. From the first to the last exhibit, works are displayed, some even freed from blind frames. The largest canvases receive a special layer precisely because of such an approach, and they radiate with their wavy relief, allowing the observer to gain a true impression of his semantic gaze and the freedom he aspires to.

Despot Đurić has a lot to communicate, and it seems that each canvas size is small compared to the content. For him, there is no surface too large, and each is filled with both layers of color and layers of meaning. His semantics are contemporary and urban.

As young artists who have already formed semantics in accordance with their individual worlds and personalities, they already tell us a lot on individual levels, but also together. The common denominator of their oeuvres is freedom and liberation.

Author Irina Tomić

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