Our students Andrijana Dragnić and Jana Dekanski are guests at the “Imaginarijum” forum

/ / News / 11. 04. 2024.

The play “Prst” (Finger) will take place on Thursday, April 11, at 8 p.m. in the hall of the Public Institution “Zahumlje” in Nikšić. The play is based on the text by young author Doruntina Baša from Priština, and the roles are performed by master’s students from the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Andrijana Dragnić and Jana Dekanski, under the mentorship of Professor Božidar Đurović.

The play will take place as part of the “Imaginarijum” project after the discussion between the project author and artistic program editor at Public Institution “Zahumlje”, Kristina Radović, and theater and radio director Božidar Đurović, on the topic of “Image and theater”. 

In addition to this performance, the play will also be staged on April 12 at the Plužine Cultural Center and on April 13 at the Danilovgrad Cultural Center.

The story of two women and their unhappy fate

“Prst” (Finger) is a story about two women whose unhappy fate and tradition have condemned them to live under the same roof. Failing to establish normal communication, they sweep all their problems under the rug out of fear that starting a conversation could reopen old wounds, as well as create new ones. Despite the harsh reality, they allow themselves to dream and fantasize, finding complete freedom only in their dreams. They cannot be together, nor can they be apart. What happens on the day when one of them tries to make a change?

“In many traditional households, women whose husbands went missing in the war still live with their husband’s family. The control over their lives, once belonging to the husband, now belongs to his family. They have no ‘private’ life whatsoever. Whatever they do could be interpreted as something directly coming from the husband’s family, so they must be under control to protect the family’s honor. But what happens if the husband’s family consists only of his mother? Is she capable of ‘firmly’ controlling the situation?

‘Prst’ (Finger) is the shadow of a huge finger pointing at you, making you feel guilty. It’s a finger that offers both reconciliation and separation. It’s an excuse to cry over trivial pain caused by trivial household chores, like a mask for a deeper, less banal pain from within. It’s a constant reminder that something wrong has been done and that everything can fall apart. It’s a threat. It’s something you touch.” – Doruntina Baša

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