Marina Bukvički

Marina Bukvički

full professor

Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Scenic movement

Scenic Movement

She completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje (Montenegro) in 1999. She completed her master’s studies in 2009 at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in the field of Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics, which she successfully teaches to Acting students in the course Stage Movement as an assistant professor since 2013. Her pedagogical work also resulted in publishing her book, “Biomehanika u savremenom teatru” (Biomechanics in Modern Theater), published by the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in 2020 and promoted at the Stage Movement and Choreodrama Festival in Kosovska Mitrovica in 2021. She obtained her PhD in 2022 in Belgrade at the Belgrade Dance Institute in Artistic Dance and Performance with her self-directed multimedia project dedicated to our prominent scientist Mileva Marić Einstein entitled “Ja – lutka / I – a doll”. At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, she was elected to associate professor in 2018, and in 2023, she became a full professor. In 2022, she won a plaque for long-term cooperation through Mimart’s programs and her great contribution to stage movement research.

Her new book called „Telo kao osnovni nosilac značenja u izvođačkim umetnostima” is also being prepared for printing, and it concerns the process of creating a role based on the use of biographical material as well as its implementation in different types of media through the use of the body as the primary carrier of meaning. It is intended for undergraduate, master and PhD students of Acting.


  • Since 2006, member of the Serbian Film Actors’ Association and artist recognized by the city of Belgrade with Free Film Actress status.
  • In 2014, at Student Cultural Center’s October Days, participant and speaker at the round table “The Punctuation of Movement on the Stage”, where she discussed the importance of movement and biomechanics as an applied science if contemporary actor training.
  • Since 2016, official member of the world’s greatest dance organization, The International Dance Council CID.
  • Since 2018, official member of the World Mime Organisation (WMO).
    In 2016, 2017, 2018 regular participant of the Dramagogy Conference at BAZAART, where she has successfully represented the Faculty of Contemporary Arts through her creative biomechanics workshops, presenting innovations in education. BAZAART is an organization of artists from Serbia and the Western Balkans region, with headquarters in Belgrade, whose objective is the development of contemporary performing arts and their dialogue with the society.
  • Since 2022, reviewer at the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education (NEAQA).
  • Shadow Theater, Actor’s Self-Advancement in Shadow Theater, Bisera Kolevska Belova, 2001, Podgorica, Montenegro and 2002, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Movement workshops, Germany, 2006
  • Actor’s Self-Advancement through the Implementation of Meyerhold’s Biomechanics Technique, biomechanics master Gennady Bogdanov, 2006
  • Participation in physical theater lab Mimart 1998, 2006, 2009
  • Participation in Dah Theater’s theater lab, 2016
  • Participation in important professional development workshops, within the World Mime Conference, with the most eminent lecturers of competence in non-verbal communication and mime, 2018
  • (2022) “Reminiscencija“, written by Mina Ćirić, directed by Mina Ćirić, produced by Student Cultural Center Belgrade and Theater Mimart; project supported by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; the main role of Žena I; performed on the big stage of the Student Cultural Center Belgrade. The play is dedicated to forty years of artistic creativity of the prominent choreographer and director Nela Antonović of the Theater Mimart.
  • (2022) Ritual play “Aplauz za Hekatu“, written by Mina Ćirić, playwright by Mina Ćirić, concept and direction by Nela Antonović, director of the Theater Mimart, produced by Theater Mimart and MKM – Magacin Cultural Center in Belgrade; the project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; the main role of Hekata; performed for the first time in June 2022, in the Student Cultural Center (SKC) Belgrade, and then performed at the “Art Trema Fest” festival, Ruma.
  • (2022) Ritual play “Vatralj“, concept by Nela Antonović, directed by Nela Antonović, director of the Theater Mimart, produced by the Theater Mimart; project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; the main role of Boginja vatre; performed at the international festival “Nisville Jazz and Theater Festival”, Niš.
  • (2022) Performance “Ne boli samo spolja“, text by Anđela Antić, stage movement by Marina Bukvički, directed by Marina Bukvički, produced by the movement “Dođi sebi” (a movement that fights against violence against women), Smederevo Cultural Center.
  • (2019) Performance “Vremenska mašina“, concept by Nela Antonović, directed by Nela Antonović, choreography by Nela Antonović, director of the Theater Mimart, produced by the Theater Mimart and the Student Cultural Center Belgrade (SKC).
  • (2015) Y. Reza, “Art”, Jeanne
  • (2014) M. Bukvički, “Happy Days“, autoperformance, choreographer and director
  • (2011) Marina Bukvički (“Spot 30“ autoperformance festival)
  • (2011) Haruki Murakami, “After Dark”, Komugi and the Chinese girl
  • (2009) N. Antonović, “Octagon”, Host, MiMart movement theater
  • (2008) Judmila Razumovska, “Dear Yelena Sergeyevna”, Yelena Sergeyevna
  • (2008.) E. Bond, “King Lear”, Cordelia
  • (2007) R. W. Fassbinder, “Anarchy in Bavaria” Brak-auto (mother)
  • (2006) I. Koreksić, “The Crossroards”, Putnica, MiMart movement theater
  • (2003) S. Koprivica, “A Southbound Grain”, Landlady
  • (2002) H. Pinter, “Old Times”, Kate (play prepared and performed in the English language, translated and produced by prof. dr Vladimir Sekulić)
  • (2002) J. P. Sartre, “No Exit”, Estelle
  • (2001) F. Salten, “Bambi”, Faline and girl narrator
  • (2001) V. Nikolić, “Between Us and the Bluse Sky”, Shadow Theater
  • (2000) I. M. Lalić, “Third World War”, Businessman’s wife
  • (2000) R. Vojvodić, “Montenegrini”, Paola
  • (1999) S. Milatović, “The Museum of the Cyclists’ Uprising in Montenegro”, multimedia project
  • (1999) J. Reza, “Art”, Jeanne
  • (1999) M. Schisgal, “Love”, Lela
  • (1998) D. Dukovski, “Cabaret Balkan”, Svetle
  • (1998) N. Antonović, “Network, The Dream Networking”, MiMart movement theater
  • (1998) R.W. Fassbinder, “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant”, Marlene
  • (2022) “Ciklus“, written by Marko Jovičić, directed by Jelena Stojković, produced by BOSS Team, the role of Majka;
  • (2017) “Love Affair, or The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator”, Aram (female), directed by seven directors from PREDITOR film school, supervised by director Milutin Petrović, the first Serbian remake of Dušan Makavejev’s film;
  • (2017) “The Shaving”, directed by Petar Mitrović, short, participation at Mikrofaf festival (Yugoslav Film Archive);
  • (2008.) “Who te fuck is Milos Brankovic“, Branka the Thug, directed by Nebojša Radosavljević Čupko;
  • (2008.) “Red Dawn”, The Citizen, directed by Kohane Peter (Austrian production, shown at the Berlin Festival);
  • (2005.) “A view from the Eiffel Tower“, Jagoda, directed by Nikola Vukčević (Articulation Production);
  • (2004.) “Count Montenegro”, Montenegrin bride, Marina Mirjugova (Russian production);
  • (2003.) “YU”, The receptionist, directed by Franc Novotni, (Austrian production);
  • (1998.) G. Antonijević, “The Savior”, Muslim girl, directed by Gaga Antonijević, (Produced by Oliver Stone);
  • (1996.) ’’Oridjinali”, The Local Woman, directed by Živko Nikolić.
  • (1999) Sanja Perišić, “Barbie Girl”, video installation art, Medea Festival
  • (2000) Sanja Perišić, “Mirror Mirroring”, video instalation art, Herceg Novi winter art salon
  • (2001) Sanja Perišić, “Leave Humphrey alone”, video installation art, video festivals (Tirana, Albania, Vienna, Austria)
  • (2019) Project “Embodiment/Otelotvorenje” presented two artistic video works and an installation, “I Still Believe” and “Scarf”, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, concept by Marina Bukvički, stage movement and direction by Marina Bukvički, shown at the Museum of the City of Belgrade, produced by the Belgrade Dance Institute and the Museum of the City of Belgrade.
  • (2021) Multimedia project (film 90 minutes and performance) entitled “Ja – lutka / I – a doll”, text by Marina Bukvički, author of the concept Marina Bukvički, directed by Marina Bukvički, stage movement by Marina Bukvički, production by Marina Bukvički, Belgrade Dance Institute, Urban Modern Production (UMP) and the Cultural Center Belgrade (KCB), the main role of Mileva Marić Einstein.
  • (2023) The multimedia project “Mi Jesmo Ljudi“, dedicated to the women of Iran and the tragic victim Masha Amina, but also to all the women of the world who are fighting for freedom and equality.
  • (2001) “PROMONTE” Montenegro Mobile
  • (2010) “Family Album”, Serbia Against Cancer, Serbian Ministry of Health
  • (2016) “Your Business Has No Borders”, Vip mobile

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