Miloš Babić

Miloš Babić

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Management in the Media, Scenic Technique and Technology

Miloš Babić graduated from the Literature and Language department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has been active in film and TV for a number of years. He acquired a magister’s degree in the area of media theory and a doctorate in film studies applied in promotional concept. He is a full professor of subjects from the area of film and TV media theory, production and artistic subjects of photography and film.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, he teaches at the undergraduate studies subjects: Fundamentals of TV Production, Video Production, Culture and Art Project Management, Exhibiting and Presenting Works of Art, and at the doctoral studies of dramatic arts: Contemporary Tendencies in Dramatic Production.

Books and monographs: Television Advertisement (2007); Video Production, (2008); Project Management (2008); Introduction to the Art of Film (2009); Photography (2010); Project Management in Culture and Media (2013), Introduction to Media and Communications (2014), Photographic and Film Images (2015).

Notable works: Media Planning Strategies and TV Ad (2005); Media Strategy in Advertising (2006); Ethics and Influence of TV Advertising on Young People (2006); Correlation of Advertising and Programming Content (2006); TV Shop – TV Sale (2006); Programming Schedules of Independent Television (2007); Project Initiation Factors (2009); On the Theoretical  Determination of Film Genre (2009); Project Management (2009); Мultimedia Discourse of Photography (2010); Photography and Its Language (2011); Producer As Leader (2013); Motion as the Dominant Structure of Visual Image (2014); Media Transposition of the Damned Yard (2014); Licenced TV Content (2015); Project Management of Theater Production (2015); Product Placement into Film (2016); Production Team Selection in an AV Project (2016).

Original films: The Last Night of Theodore the Player (1982) – short film; Fakers – The First Step (1986) – short film; The Fortress and the People (1993) – documentary; Nastassia (1994) – short film; City Limit Around Here (1995) – documentary; The Warrior and the River (1997) – antiwar film drama.

TV ads: Sateks, Energoinvest, UNIS Sarajevo (ad series), RMK Zenica (ad series), Krivaja, prefabricated houses (ad series), Sana-trikotaža, AVA (ad series), Bosanka – juices (ad series), BIRA – Gorenje machines, Fruktal (ad series), Tehnogas – Beograd, Eurobiro, Spektar, Zorka Šabac, Telekom (ad series), Telekom Srpske (ad series), HANI (ad series), Delta holding (ad series), Goša, Soda-So, Pavlović International – bank, Weifert (ad series), Jelen pivo, Nikšićko pivo…

Photography author: Billboards: Optima (Politika’s choice as best billboard of 2001), Nikšićko pivo (Beer for the crew), Weifert, Klas Belgrade, Ravanica Ćuprija, Moć prirode V. Han, Metalac G. Milanovac. Photographs for packaging: Metalac, Takovo, Štark, Imlek, Zemun dairy, Pančevo dairy, Sinalco, Next, Nektar, Delta ice creams… Author of photographs and catalogs for the Art Colony (FAT-art, Sr. Karlovci 2006, 07, 08, 09).

Projekts: Monasteries 1998, 1999 and 2000. (Silver Seal Grafima prize at the Book Fair); Flowers – 1999, Landscapes – 2000; Photographs for packaging: Metalac, Takovo, Štark, Imlek, Zemun dairy, Pančevo dairy, Sinalco, Next, Nektar, Delta ice creams… Author of photographs and catalogs for the Art Colony (FAT-art, Sr. Karlovci 2006, 07, 08, 09).

  • Author of over 100 applied films in the ex-YU area (corporate, technological, promotional, scientific, artistic-professional, teaching, educational);
  • Mentor of student films (over 20) and consultant on regional projects regarding independent production;
  • Realized over fifty promotional and several election campaigns;
  • Management in Culture editor in the scientific editorial team of the “Leader-Director” magazine Novi Sad, and photography editor of the same magazine;
  • Media Advisor for the Employer’s Union of Serbia (2004–2009);
  • Author of study programs in media, art production and management in culture;
  • Jury member of the “Petar Kočić” theater fest, Banjaluka;
  • Member of editorial collegium of the science magazine Current Developments and the magazine for theater and visual communications, AGON – Banjaluka.