Nebojša Dugalić

Nebojša Dugalić

full professor

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Acting for the Camera, Public and Media Appearance

Nebojša Dugalić acquired a diploma in acting from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1994.
From 2001 to 2016, he worked at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.
He became a full professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in 2017.

  • Secret Connection, A. Popović, BDP
  • Seven Against Thebe, Aeschylus, BDP
  • Mother Courage, B. Brecht, PPP, Youth Center
  • The Threepenny Opera, B. Brecht, Bitef Theater
  • Life Is a Dream, P. Calderón de la Barca, National Theater
  • The Idiot, F. M. Dostoevsky, National Theater
  • Mask, M. Crnjanski, National Theater
  • The Taming of the Shrew, W. Shakespeare, National Theater
  • Speech Impediment, G. Marković, National Theater
  • Montenegrini, R. Vojvodić, National Theater, Podgorica
  • The Damned Yard, I. Andrić, Kruševac Theater
  • Golden Fleece, B. Pekić, G7 Belgrade
  • Beast on the Moon, R. Kalinoski, BDP
  • Anthony and Cleopatra, W. Shakespeare, BELEF
  • Liar and Deceiver, J. S. Popović, National Theater
  • Indian Summer, Turgenev, Madlenianum
  • Dmirty Karamazov’s Confession, F. M. Dostoevsky
  • Milanković, Madlenianum
  • Les Misérables, V. Hugo, Madlenianum
  • Your Hand in Mine, K. Rokamora, Madlenianum
  • That’s the Way It Had to Be, B. Nušić, JDP
  • Omerpaša Latas, I. Andrić, Banjaluka National Theater
  • Betrayal, H. Pinter, JDP
  • The Producers, Terazije Theater
  • Zona Zamfirova, Terazije Theater
  • At the Everlasting Jet, M. Nastasijević, National Theater
  • Lady with Camellias, A. Dumas, National Theater
  • Pavilion no. 6, A. P. Chekhov, Bora Stanković Theater, Vranje
  • Old Days, B. Stanković, Bora Stanković Theater, Vranje
  • The Policemen, S. Mrožek, Bora Stanković Theater, Vranje
  • Women’s Talk, D. Radović, Bora Stanković Theater, Vranje
  • Cherry ORchard, A. P. Chekhov, Kraljevo Theater
  • The Travelling Troupe Šopalović, Lj. Simović, Kraljevo Theater
  • Little Thrilogy of Death, E. Jelinek, BDP
  • Hedda Gabler, H. Ibsen, National Theater
  • Shakespeare at Kremlin, I. Stivičić, coproduction SNP, Brijuni
  • Migrations, M. Crnjanski, SNP
  • Cabaret Yes, Those Were the Days, original cooperation
  • Art, J. Reza, Theater Carte Blanche
  • The Ear of the Language of Vuk, N. Dugalić, Vuk Assembly, Tršić
  • Look Back in Anger, J. Osbourne, Sterija Theater, Vršac
  • Our Cause, A. J. Mariokov, Kult Theater
  • Long Day’s Journey into Night, E. O’Neill, Atelje 212
  • The Dutchess from Folies-Bergère, G. Feydeau, Atelje 212
  • Richard III, W. Shakespeare, National Theater
  • View from a Dream, Joakim Vujić Theater Kragujevac
  • Koštana, B. Stanković, SNP – Cultural Center, Tivat coproduction
  • The End of the Obrenović Dynasty
  • Carrot, You’re Not Growing Right, film
  • Tito and I, film
  • Treasury Robbery, Italian series
  • Maladjoska, Russian series
  • The Forgotten Minds of Serbia, series
  • Come Closer, series
  • We Will Be the Champions of the World, film
  • Shadows over Balkan, series
  • Her Mother’s Sin, series
  • Halls of Yellow, Purple, Blue, Integration Workshop
  • Waiting for Godot, Integration Workshop
  • The Scent of Rain in the Balkans, series
  • 4 Golden Knights, Moscow, International Festival of Slavic and Orthodox Peoples “Golden Knight” (“The Idiot”, F. M. Dostoevsky, Prince Myshkin, “Golden Fleece”, B. Pekić, Simeon Njago, “Ward Number Six” A. P. Chekhov, Dr Ragin, Words About All-Man)
  • 2 Silver Knights, Moscow (“Dmitri Karamazov’s Confession” F. M. Dostoevsky, Dmitri Karamazov, “Ward Number Six”, A. P. Chekhov, for direction and the play in its entirety)
  • Audience jury award for best play at the international festival in Brčko for original project “Omerpaša Latas” (dramatization, direction, main role, original music, scenography)
  • Award for best show and best directing at the international festival in Šabac (The Traveling Troupe Šopalović by Ljubomir Simović – direction, adaptation, main role, scenography)
  • Award for best acting at the international festival in Zenica (Karađoz, The Damned Yard)
  • Exquisite Golden Pendant lifetime achievement award, KPZ
  • City of Belgrade Award for 2014
  • 3 Sterija awards (“The Damned Yard”, I. Andrić, Karađoz, “Speech Impediment”, G. Marković, Petar, “Zona Zamfirova”, S. Sremac, Hadži Zamfir)
  • “Zoran Radmilović” award for acting tour de force
  • Audience award for best acting achievement at Sterija Pozorje
    -Critics’ award for season’s best acting achievement
  • Open University of Novi Sad award for best acting achievement at Sterija Pozorje
  • “Ljubiša Jovanović” award, Šabac
  • “Shaved Hedgehog” award for best young actor at Comedy Days in Jagodina (“The Taming of the Shrew” W. Shakespeare, Grumio)
  • Golden Turkey award, Comedy Days, Jagodina, Zona Zamfirova, Hadži Zamfir
  • “Stojan Decermić” award for young lead (“Life Is a Dream”, P. C. de la Barca, Sigismund)
  • 4 “Zoran’s Moustache” at “Zoran’s Days” festival in Zaječar
  • 2 National Theater awards for best opening of the season
  • 3 “Milivoje Živanović” charters in Požarevac
  • Award for best acting achievement at the festival of Vojvodina theaters for the role of Pavle Isaković in “Migrations”
  • “Golden Turkey” award at the Comedy Festival in Jagodina for the role of Hadži Zamfir in musical “Zona Zamfirova”
  • Miloš Žutić Award
  • JDP award for best opening of the season (“Betrayal”)

Membership in art and professional associations

  • RTS program committee
  • President of the Artistic Council of National Theater in Belgrade

Participation in the activities of faculty and university organs and bodies:

  • Academy of Arts, head of acting department, until 2015
  • Academy of Arts, dean 2015/2016