Nenad Ilić

Nenad Ilić

assistant professor

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Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Dramatic Arts, Art Projects and Practice

Theater and Radio Direction, Art Direction, Video Production

Nenad Ilić finished his studies of theater and radio direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1981.
He has been teaching at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts as an assistant professor since 2017.

Selected theater works:

  • 1980. “Cracked Melon”, Vuk S. Karadžić/Bane Jovanović; National Theater, Belgrade
  • 1981. “Liran and Deceiver”, Jovan Sterija Popović; National Theater, Belgrade
  • 1981. “Alpha Beta”, E. A. Whitehead; Belgrade Drama Theater
  • 1983. “Barbarogenije” N. Ilić; Belgrade Drama Theater
  • 1983. “Free Exchange Hotel”, Georges Feydeau; National Theater, Zenica
  • 1984. “Failed New Year Party 1954”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
    -1984. “The Battle of Kolubara” D. Ćosić / B. Mihailović Mihiz; Abrašević Theater, Valjevo
  • 1984. “Bunja”, Veljko Petrović; National Theater, Subotica
  • 1985. “The Sworn Saviour of the Drowning” , B. Pekić / B. Mihailović Mihiz, Atelje 212, Belgrade
  • 1985. “Loot”, Joe Orton; Yugoslav Drama Theater, Belgrade
    -1986. “Yugoslav Antithesis”, Jordan Plevneš; Joakim Vujić Theater, Kragujevac
  • 1986. “Career”, Gordan Mihić; Atelje 212, Belgrade
  • 1988. “Fear of Fidelity”, Ranko Mladenović; Student City Cultural Center, New Belgrade / SKC Kragujevac
  • 1988. “Ambushes” R. Filipović; “Sterija” National Theater, Vršac
  • 1988. “Enemy of the People”, Henrik Ibsen; “Sterija” National Theater, Vršac
  • 1988. “Cabaret Minotaur”, N. Ilić; Belgrade Youth Center
  • 1989. “Ruby Heart”, Mir-Jam / N. Ilić / Theater on Terazije, Belgrade
  • 1989. “Dear Lord, Behold This Great Wonder” N. Ilić; Theater Joakim Vujić, Kragujevac
    -1990. “The Maids” Jean Genet; Student City Culture Center Open Theater, New Belgrade
  • 1990. “Nigh Girl”, Aleksandar Popović; National Theater, Belgrade
    -1991. “Revolution of Holy Virgins”, Hrozvita / N. Ilić; Yugoslav Drama Theater, Belgrade
  • 1999. “Bišop Nikolaj – Liberation”, N. Ilić; Kult Theater, Belgrade
  • 2006. “Thus Spake Nikolaj”, Nikolaj / N. Ilić, Zvezdara Theater, Belgrade
  • 2008. “The Church in Twelve Scenes”, Anastasija Ilić, Saint Sava Bell, Belgrade

Selected stage events:

  • 1996. “Saint Sava Academy” director and writer; Sava Center, Belgrade
  • 1998. “Road to Hilandar”, director and writer; Sava Center, Belgrade
  • 2000. “Sveti Sava Academy”, co-director and writer, Sava Center, Belgrade
  • 2000. “Echoes of the Bethlehem Nigh”, director and writer; Serbian Orthodox Church’s main celebration of 2000 years of Christianity, Kaona Monastery
  • 2013. “1700 years since the Edict of Milan – The Consecration of the Church of Christ’s Resurrection”, director and writer; Podgorica
  • 2014. “Catena mundi”, director and writer; Kolarac People’s University, Belgrade
  • 2015. “Magnum Crimen”, director and writer; People’s University, Belgrade
  • 2016. “Saint John Vladimir”, director and writer; international program for the consecration of the cathedral, Bar

Selected TV and film works:

  • 1992. “Vuk’s Video Primer”, co-writer of the dramatic series, Video Business Connection, Belgrade
  • 1994. “The Monasteries of Bosanska Krajina”, writer and director of the documentary series, RTRS, Banja Luka
  • 1995. “Religious Education at Home” TV show, Studio B / Sandra video, Belgrade
    -2002-2007. “The Gatherer” , TV show of about 2,000 episodes, RTS / Kompani Belgrade
  • 2004. “Herzegovina above the Sea”, documentary series, Eko-jes, Banja Luka / RTRS
  • 2006. “Sveti Nikolaj Srpski”, feature-length documentary film, CO Berlin
  • 2007. “Ava Justin”, feature-length documentary film, Ćelije Monastery, Valjevo
  • 2008. “Drina Downstream” travel series, Trivia, Banja Luka / RTRS
  • 2008. “An Encounter beneath Ostrog”, documentary film, Ostrog Monastery
  • 2009. “Liturgy”, documentary series, Ostrog Monastery / RTS
  • 2011. “Icon”, documentary series, Ostrog Monastery, SPC Academy /RTS
  • 2013. “Constantine’es Heritage”, documentary series, Niš Eparchy / RTS
    -2017. “Kosovo – between Heaven and Earth”, documentary series, Opet&Opet, Belgrade

Selected radio dramas:

  • 1981. “The Floods” documentary radio drama; RT Belgrade
  • 1982. “From Auschwitz”, radio drama; RT Belgrade
  • 1982. “The King of Time”, radio drama; RT Belgrade
  • 1983. “The Crucial Thing”, radio drama; RT Belgrade
  • 2012. “The First Morning Service with Father”, radio drama; RT Belgrade

Multimedia works:

  • 1999. “Our Srbija”, multimedia internet portal, art director and director; Esnaf, Belgrade
  • 1999, “Deus Absconditus” the dramatic opus of Aleksandar Kostić’s musical suite, Atelje 212
  • 2000. “The Consecration of Time”, multimedia CD-ROM, art director and director; Esnaf, Beograd
  • 2003. “Monarchy”, multimedia CD-ROM, art direction and direction; Esnaf, Belgrade
  • 2013. “The Serbian Code” art director of Serbian and English multimedia portal, Naša Srbija, Belgrade
  • 2013. “The Father”, multimedia internet portal for the feature historical spectacle in development, art direction, Opet&Opet, Belgrade /The Heritage of the Fathers Foundation, Belgrade
  • 1980. National Theater’s annual award to the crew of the play “Cracked Melon”
  • 1988. The Turkey award for best direction at the Festival of Comedy in Jagodina for the play “Fear of Fidelity”