Slobodan Beštić

Slobodan Beštić

assistant professor

Narrow scientific/artistic field:


Slobodan Beštić completed undergraduate and master studies of acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1987.
He has worked as an assistant at the Academy of Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, and taught as assistant professor at the Sinergy University since 2015.
He has been teaching at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts since 2017, as an assistant professor.

Theater roles:

  • A Suspicious Person, Nušić, Jerotije, directed by A. Urban, NP, 2017
  • People’s Drama, O. Dimitrijevic, Dragan, 2017
  • Sarah, Pitu, directed by F. Karajica, Šabac – NP, 2016
  • The Patriots, Sterija, Žutilov, directed by A. Urban, National Theater, 2015
  • Ghosts, H. Ibsen, Pastor Manders, directed by A. Nosov (Hartefakt, Bitef, Mess, Budva Theater City), 2015
  • My Prizes, T. Bernhard, directed by M. Pelević, National Theater Belgrade, 2015
  • Dalí Picasso, F. Arabal, Picasso, directed by D. Udovički, Bitef Theater, 2015
  • Charlotte, D. Wright, Lothar, directed by A. Nikolić, Parobrod, 2014
  • Mother Courage, B. Brecht, The Cook, directed by A. Tomović, National Theater, 2014
  • Peer Gynt, H. Ibsen, several roles, directed by S.W. Holm, Dusseldorfer Schauschspielle Theater – Germany, 2013
  • Patriotic Hypermarket, documentary drama, directed by Dino Mustafić, Bitef Theater, 2012
  • Demons, Dostoevsky, Father Tihon, directed by T.M. Rigonat, National Theater, 2011
  • Born in YU, documentary drama, directed by D. Mustafić, JDP, 2010
  • The Bacchae, Euripides, The Messenger, directed by S.W. Holm, NP, 2010
  • Playing the Victim, Presnakov, Stasik, directed by N. Zavišić, NP, 2009
  • Cabul, Kushner, Milton, directed by Ž. Đukić, NP, 2009
  • The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents, Werenfels, Father, directed by T. Mandić, NP, 2008
  • Dangerous Liasions, Laclos, Valmont, directed by S. Bodroža, NP, 2007
  • Vučjak, Krleža, Horvat, directed by A. Nikolić, NP Kikinda, 2006
  • Frida Kahlo, S. Domazet, Diego Rivera, directed by I. Vujić, Madlenianum, 2006
  • 1984, Orwell, all characters, directed by N. Zavišić, Bitef-Groningen (Netherlands), 2006
  • Bosnian Chronicle, several characters, directed by Lj. Ristić, Zvezdara Theater, 2005
  • Iphigenia in Aulis, Euripides, Agamemnon, directed by S. Bodroža, National Theater, 2005
  • The Little Prince, Exupéry, Pilot, dance play, choreography K. Dorić, Bitef Theater, 2005
  • The Silence of the Sober, Csath, Krapek, directed by K. Mezei, National Theater, 2004
  • Hamletmachine, H. Miller, Hamlet, directed by N. Kokotović, CZKD, 2004
  • Faust, Goethe, Tzar, directed by M. Erceg, National Theater, 2003
  • Hamlet, Shakespeare, Hamlet, directed by I. Vujić, NP, 2002
  • Balkan Plastic, M. Magazinovic, Gezeman, directed by I. Vujić, 2001
  • Dog, Woman, Mane, Berg, Man, directed by Z. Sokolović, National Theater, 2001
  • The Dialogue in Hell, Joly, Montesquieu, directed by P. Bajčetić, National Theater, 2000
  • Despoiled Shore, H. Muller, directed by S. Bodroža, Beton Hall, 2000
  • Smert Uroša Petago, S. Stefanović, Tzar Uroš, directed by M. Erceg, CZKD, 2001
  • Macbeth, Shakespeare, Macbeth, directed by S. Đulić, MTM (Bosnia), 2000
  • A Tale of a Young Man and 1,000 Angels, own project, Angel, directed by G. Lebović, Omen Theater, 1999
  • Salome, Wilde, Salome, directed by R. Viktjuk, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1999
  • Leons and Lena, King Petar, directed by D.Mijač, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1998
  • Cinzano for Smirnova, Petrushevska, Kosta, directed by V. Dvorcin, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1997
  • Dead Souls, Gogol, Devil, directed by D. Mijač, 1997
  • The Mousetrap, A. Christie, Giles, directed by I. Ristić, Belgrade Drama Theater,1996
  • Troilus and Cressida, Shakespeare, Paris, directed by D. Mijač, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1995
  • Powder Keg, Dukovski, Boris, directed by S. Unkovski, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1995
  • Konte Zanović, Actor, directed by R. Vojvodić, Budva Theater City, 1995
  • Macbeth Ono, dance play, Macbeth, coreography S. Vukićević, CZKD, 1995
  • Misunderstanding, Camus, Son, directed by F. Gajić, Belgrade Drama Theater, 1994
  • Nijinsky, M. Popović, Nijinsky, directed by I. Mensur, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1994
  • The Blue Bird, Maeterlinck, several roles, directed by I. Mensur, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1993
  • A Profitable Position, Ostrovsky, Zhadov, directed by V. Dvorcin, National Theater Zaječar, 1993
  • Nistar the Wonderer, own project, directed by G. Lebović, Omen Teater and CZKD, 1993
  • Hamlet, Shakespeare, First Actor, directed by G. Stojanovic, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1992
  • This Babylonian Confusion, Brecht, Angel, directed by D. Miloševic, Dah Theater, 1992
  • Emigrants, Mrozek, XX, directed by N. Milivojević, Belgrade Drama Theater, 1991
  • Demons, Dostoevsky, Shatov, directed by A. Miljanić, CZKD, 1991
  • Ressurection, ballet, music by G. Mahler, Maler, coreography by L. Pilipenko, National Theater Ballet, 1991
  • Little Mermaid, M. Yourcenar, Jester, directed by P. Zec, Sava Center, 1990
  • Searching for Marcel Proust, N. Prokić, several roles, directed by D. Mijač, 1990
  • Milena from Prague, O. Savić, Kafka, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1989
  • Saint George Killing the Dragon, Kovačević, Adjutant, directed by M. Draškić, Atelje 212, 1989
  • Dorian Gray, dance play, Dorian, choreography D. Pajević, Bitef Theater, 1989
  • Mario and the Magician, T. Mann, Mario, directed by N. Milivojević, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1989
  • Summoning the Birds, H. Pašovic, several roles, directed by H. Pašović, 1989
  • Bloodtain, H. Pašović, Arto, directed by H. Pašović, Kotor, 1988
  • Scolding the Nation in Two Parts, Selenić, Obrad, directed by D. Mijač, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1988
  • Seobe, Crnjanski, Piščević, directed by V. Ognjenović, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1987
  • Spring Awakening, Wedekind, Moritz, directed by H. Pašović, 1986
  • In Front of the Mirror, Kaverin, Kostya, directed by Z. Rankić, Atelje 212, 1985
  • Peer Gynt, several roles, directed by P. Madjeli, Yugoslav Drama Theater, 1985
  • The Good Person of Szechwan, Brecht, Carpenter, directed by P. Madjeli, SKC, 1984

Film and TV – selection

  • Five, Dane, directed by Balša Đogo, 2017
  • The Nemanjićs, Alexios Angelos, directed by Marko Marković, 2017
  • Mankind, Zoran, written and directed by S. Dragomirović, 2016
  • Afterparty, Rastislav, written and directed by L. Bursać, 2015
  • The Sinđelićs, Gvozden, Emotion Production, 2014
  • A Serbian Film, Marko, directed by S. Spasojević, 2009
  • Life is a March, several roles, directed by M. Milojević, RTS, 2003
  • Genealogy of a Waltz, several, roles, directed by M. Milojević, RTS, 2003
  • Mrs. Kolontaj, Marsel, directed by S. Radović, RTS, 1996
  • Milena from Prague, Kafka, directed by S. Radović, RTS, 1994
  • Pillow of My Grave, Solarić, directed by S. Mrmak, RTS, 1990
  • Broom without a Handle, Vladimir, directed by V. Aleksić, RTS, 1989–1993
  • House by the Railroad, film, Mitar the Shqiptar, directed by Ž. Dragojević, 1988
  • White Mulberry Constellation, Ćosa, directed by S. Radović, RTS, 1987
  • Déjà vu, film, Young Stole, directed by G. Marković, 1987
  • The Damned Yard, Innocent, directed by M. Maričić, RTS, 1984
  • Raša Plaović, National Theater, 2015
  • Audience award and jury award at Patosofiranje festival, for Charlotte, 2015
  • Gold medal for My Awards, Monodrama and Pantomime Festival, 2015
  • Award for best male role, Horvat, Classics festival Vršac, 2006
  • Ardalion, award for best male role, Hamlet, Yugoslav Festival in Užice, 2004
  • Gordana Kosanović Prize, European prize for an actor awarded by Roberto Ciulli (Theatar an der Ruhr), 1999, for the role of Salome
  • Award for the most successful exploration of theater language, Nijinsky, Little Sterija Theater
  • Debutant prize at Niš Film Festival for House by the Railroad, 1988
  • Best young actor award for the role of Moritz in Spring Awakening, MES, Sarajevo, 1987
  • Work at lab theater at Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark, seminars Actor’s Work on Himself and Actor’s Work on a Role, 1991 and 1992
  • Work in Dah Theater’s lab theater in 1991
  • Classic dance techniques with Jelena Šantić, 1988
  • Classical and modern dance techniques, Sonja Vukićević, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998
  • Modern dance techniques, Dejan Pajević, 1989 and 1990
  • Butoh dance, Jelena Gašić, Bitef Theater, 1990
  • E. Barba’s Anthropology Theater, ISTA school, 1996
  • An actor’s preparation for a role in noh and kabuki theater, Shiro Daïmon, Rex, 1998
  • Butoh dance, Tanja Zgonc, Bitef Theater, 2000
  • Actor’s Work on Himself, Yoshi Oïda, National Theater, 2001
  • Professional training in drama teaching – selection
  • Work with Ljubica Beljanski Ristić at Center for Education in Drama and Arts (1993 – present day)
  • Work with children and young people at Školigrica and Škozorište, 1995
  • Seminars for teachers and drama educators at Cedeum
  • Application of drama in the process of interactive teaching, Pedagogy University, Birmingham, England, 1999
  • Summer and winter schools of Drama and Theater in education, Pax project, Mostar, from 1998 to 2001
  • International dramatic pedagogy conference, Jordan, 2001

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