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Srđan Ivanov was born on May 20, 1970 in Belgrade, Zemun.
He graduated at the Art Academy in the class of professor Mirjana Karanović (he was studying from1995 to 1999), and passed his graduation exam with the play “Mister Seal” in “Boško Buha” theater with the highest grade 10, whilst the average grade at the Academy being 8.59.
Before entering the Academy, Srđan finished the program Dietician and Nutritionist at the School of Applied Health Sciences.

  • Yugoslav Drama Theater (1996-2014)
    Srđan Ivanov played professional on the stage for the first time in 1996, in the play “Salome” in his second year of studies;
  • in 1997, he plays the court teacher in the play “Leonce and Lena”;
  • in 2002, he plays Lucky in “Waiting for Godot”;
  • from 2000 to 2014, for almost 15 years, he plays dr. Finache in the cult play “A Flea in Her Ear”;
  • from 1997 to 2000, participates at the festival “Budva – Theater-City” with plays “Salome” and “Leonce and Lena”;
  • from 1997 to 2003, he plays Yevgény Pávlovich in “The Idiot” at the National Theater in Belgrade;
  • plays Nick Bottom in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”;
  • plays Clarin in “Life is a Dream”;
  • from 1998 to 1999, he plays Chaplain in “The Trial” at the Center for Cultural Decontamination;
  • plays Hyppolite in “Summer Night’s Dark”.
  • plays Anthipolus of Syracuse in “The Comedy of Errors” at Terazije Theater.
  • from 2006, plays Sir Toby in “The Twelfth Night”  at the Evening Stage of the “Boško Buha” Theater;
  • from 2015, plays Mića the Decorator in “Donkey Years”;
  • from 2004, plays Jacob in “Double Bottom” as a guest actor at Šabac Theater;
  • from 2005 to 2015, plays Inspector Purton in “Run for Your Wife” at Zvezdara Theater. This play won the award for the best play both by the audience and the jury at the “Days of Comedy” festival in Jagodina in 2006;
  • from 2010, plays Wally in “I Love My Wife” at Slavija Theater.
  • in 2010, plays in “Three Sisters Watch Chekhov” at the Evening Stage of the Duško Radović Theater. This play participated at the Infant Festival in Novi Sad.
  • playing various roles at the Academy 28 – currently plays Psychiatrist in “Who’s the Idiot Here”, the plays that has been played on different stages for almost 18 years;
  • plays Anđelko in “My Bunion is Killing Me”, at the Raša Plaović stage of the National Theater in Belgrade;
  • plays Oblić in “The Three Heroic Acts of Marko Kraljevic” at Children’s Theater “Čarapa”;
  • plays Mario in “Everything for You, My Love” in the production of the “Impresario” agency.

Srđan Ivanović played in movies, TV series and TV shows. He also played in numerous radio plays and many radio and TV commercials..


  • “Everything is for People” (2001, as Dušan Mitić Taylor)
  • “Black Horses” (2007, as Farmer)
  • “The Winch” (2013, as Radisav)


  • “Family Treasure” (2001-2002, as journalist Jančić),
  • “Karađorđe” (2004, as Nenadović),
  • “Perfect Relationships” (2006, in the episode “The Call-Up” as Young Man With Flowers)
  • “The Forgotten Minds of Serbia” (5 episodes),
  • “Come Closer” (2010, 9 episodes, as Milkan – the school cop),
  • “Fall is Coming, Oh My Quince” (2 episodes, 2009);
  • “Head Through Wall” (2016 – 7 episodes, as Neighbour),
  • “Military Academy” (RTS – 2012, as Secretary of the Superintendent)
  • “Love, Habit, Panic” (TV Pink – 2005, as Dragiša),
  • “The Collector” (Studio B),
  • “Our Little Clinic” (TV B92 – 2010, as Nikola in the episode “Professional Patient”),
  • “Forever Young” (OBN),
  • “I Love Nature”, TV show for kids (TV PRVA),
  • “The Sinđelić Family” (TV PRVA – from 2013 to 2016, as Gane in 15 episodes and as Priest in 1 episode);
  • “TV Service” (RTV – 2016, as Mitar).
  • “Izzy the Secret Agent “, kids TV show (BK TV),
  • “Basketball Players”, kids TV quiz (RTS)
  • “Mathematicians”, kids educational show (RTS)
  • “Little School of Literature”, kids educational show (RTS)
  • “Hit Libris”, culture show (RTS)
  • “New Year’s Eve Program 2016”, as Taxi Driver (RTS)
  • “New Year’s Eve Program 2017”, as Father Christmas (RTS)
  • “The Best 60 Folk Songs” – actual and one of the highest rated TV shows, as Cojle Manojlović (RTS),
  • “Master Rajko”, agro-reality TV show, as host of the show that dealt with the problems in agriculture production (TV Pink),
  • “Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That”, TV show for parents (TV Avala),
  • “Exit on the Entrance”, as host of the redecoration TV show (Studio B)
  • “Belgrade Oasis”, as host of the exterior and urban design TV show (Studio B),
  • “Chef for Babies”, TV show for parents, 20 episodes (B92).

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