Vladimir Jočić

Vladimir Jočić


Email address: vladimir.jocic@fsu.edu.rs

Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Drawing and painting

Drawing and Painting

Vladimir Jočić acquired his diploma in painting in 2004, in the class led by professor Kosta Bunuševac at the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia. He completed his specialization in 2014 in professor Vladimir Veličković’s, class, after which he became an assistant at the FCA.

  • Group exhibition of paintings: “The Sounds of the Rhythm of Life” – Gallery ’73, Belgrade, 2009;
  • Group Exhibition of Paintings: 40th ULUPUDS’s “May Exhibition”, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, 2008;
  • Art teacher at: School of Agriculture and Chemistry, Obrenovac, 2012; Karađorđe Elementary, Ostružnica, 2012; Gymnasium Podujevo – Kuršumlija 2009, Technical School Đuro Daničić, Podujevo – Kuršumlija, 2009; Kosta Vojinović Elementary, Podujevo – Kuršumlija, 2009.
  • One of the founders of “Fraktal 3” association and organizer of Open Atelier Night.
  • Group exibition of paintings: 14tg Belgrade “Mini – art” scene, Singidunum gallery, 2007.
  • Group exhibition of paintings: 8th portrait exhibition, Cultural Center – Šabac, 2006;
  • Group exhibition of paintings: 6th portrait exhibition, Cultural Center – Šabac, 2004;
  • Group exhibition of paintings: Visual Art Group “Mozaik” – Gallery ’73, 2003.