Željko Komosar

Željko Komosar

full professor

Email address: zeljko.komosar@fsu.edu.rs

Narrow scientific/artistic field:

Calligraphy Overview

He graduated from the graphics department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He earned a magister’s degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, at the calligraphy department, under prof. Aleksandar Dodig’s mentorship. He is a member of associations ULUS, ULUPUDS, UFTUSS and UFUS.

  • Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, teaching assistant for the subject Calligraphy – Lettering, 2000–2001
  • Teaching assistant for the subject Lettering at the Faculty of Arts, Niš
  • Teaching assistant for the subject Lettering at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac, 2000–2001
  • Assistant director for the subjects Lettering, Typography and Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, 2003–2009
  • Associate professor for the subjects Lettering and Typography at the SPC Academy, 2009–2012
  • Became a full professor at ALUM for the subject Calligraphy, 2012

Solo exhibitions:

  • Drawings exhibition, Youth Center Gallery, Pančevo, 1989
  • Calligraphy exhibition, SKC Gallery, Student City, Belgrade, 2002
  • Drawings exhibition, Božidarac Gallery, Belgrade, 2002
  • Calligraphy exhibition, UPIDIV Gallery, Novi Sad, 2002
  • Drawings exhibition, Voice Gallery, Belgrade, 2003
  • Anatomical illustrations exhibition, SANU Little Gallery, Belgrade, 2006
  • Calligraphy exhibition, Museum Night, Pančevo City Library Gallery, 2010
  • Watercolor exhibition, Boem Gallery, Starčevo Pančevo, 2011
  • Calligraphy exhibition, ULUPUDS, Belgrade, 2013

Collective exhibitions:

  • Pančevo October Salon, 1993, 94, 95
  • International Small Graphics Exhibition, Graphics Collective, 1994
  • Kovin October Salon, 2000, 2001
  • Zemun Art Salon, 2000
  • ULUPUDS May Exhibition, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • ULUS Spring Exhibition, 2006
  • ULUS Autumn Exhibition, 2006
  • Belgrade drawings exhibition, 1999–2007
  • Belgrade Golden Quill, 2005, 2009, 2011
  • Niš drawing, 2003–2011
  • ULUPUDS small format exhibition, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2011
  • Belgrade Salon, 2005–2012.
  • Art colonies: Pesak 1990, Sombor 1998, 2000, Sremski Karlovci 2001

Film awards:

  • ASIFA Award for the film Canard, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, Belgrade, 1997
  • Idea award for the film Canard, 1997, Animated Film Festival, Čačak
  • Jury and audience award for the film ZA, Short Form Festival, Gornji Milanovac, 2010

Visual arts awards:

  • First prize for drawing, Belgrade drawing, Belgrade, 2006
  • Drawing award at the Belgrade Salon, Progress Gallery, Belgrade, 2006
  • Award at the International Caricature Festival “Great Romanian Personalities 2011”
  • ULUPUDS charter, Belgrade 2013
  • Award for watercolor, at the international Watercolor Biennale, Belgrade 2015
  • Calligraphic writing for a great number of diplomas, thank you notes and awards for various domestic and international institutions (University of Arts in Belgrade, Pančevo National Museum, Canadian Embassy, Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Belgrade Auteur Film Festival, Academy of Fine Arts, Serbian Orthodox Church’s Benefaction, City of Belgrade Museum, Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbian Library Association, Government of the Republic of Serbia, etc.)
  • Design for a number of charters, award certificates, logotypes and book covers (Belgrade Fair, Serbian Library Association, Stunner, Theater on Terazije, Faculty of Philology, etc.)
  • Book illustrations for Belgrade’s Faculty of Medicine: Clinical Anatomy, M. Milisavljević, Nauka, Belgrade, 1996 and Pericardiology, P. Seferović, D. Spodick, B. Maisch, Science, Beograd, 2000, as well as several children’s stories. Storyboarded a number of advertisements and films.
  • TV SERIES: Calligraphy, 2001, RTS, writer and director. The creation and survival of the Cyrillic script, 2002, RTS, consultant for Cyrillic scripts, actor-demonstrator of Cyrillic scripts, drawing producer.
  • FILMS: Patka (Canard), 1996, Dunav film, writer, animator and director. Cyrillic, 2001, RTS, writer and director. Twist, 2003, Fix Fokus, Belgrade, writer and director. ZA, 2003, Fix Fokus, Belgrade, writer and director.
  • INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS: Participation in the realization of several animated series as drawer in cartoons for international market in projects by Bikić Studio.
  • PUBLISHED WORKS: Essays on calligraphy in books: Toward a Book, M. Grozdanić and Calligraphy, S. Fileki; calligraphy works and drawings in periodicals (Danas, Pančevac, Književne novine, Drama, Književna reč, Politikin Zabavnik itd.); Map of Drawings Belgrade, Glas, Belgrade, 2004.