Nikola Ugrinović


Narrow scientific/artistic field

Acting, Scenic Speech

Nikola Ugrinović was born on May 28, 1994 in Petrovac on Mlava. After completing his undergraduate studies and acquiring a master’s degree at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, in the class of professor Božidar Đurović and assistant professor Hadži Nenad Maričić, he embarked upon doctoral studies of acting at FCA, where he also started teaching as an assistant at the courses of acting and scenic speech.

Evening scene

  • “Play Sterija”, J. S. Popović, “Portal” theater, 2015;
    (Directed and adapted by: Hadži Nenad Maričić; Roles: Sterija, Mita, Mišić, Jovan)
  • “Barking at the Stars”, M. Vitezović, Bis drama studio, 2016; (Directed and adapted by: Vesna Stanković; Role: Miletić, technical education teacher)
  • “To Be or Not to Be”, W. Shakespeare, “Portal” theater, 2016; (Directed and adapted by: Hadži Nenad Maričić; Roles: Hamlet, Romeo)
  • “Call to Execution”, A. Chervinsky, Bis drama studio, 2018; (Directed and adapted by: Pavle Jerinić; Role: Cincinat)
  • “When Someone Rings the Doorbell”, A.P. Antoine, Slavija theater, 2019; (Directed by: Božidar Đurović; Role: He)

Children’s scene:

  • New Year Spells”, S. Ljujić, MoniCart production, 2016;
    (Directed by: Monika Romić; role: prince Milovan)
  • “Fairie Entanglement”, S. Ljujić, MoniCart production, 2017 (Directed by: Monika Romić; Role: prince Milovan)
  • “Around the World”, J. Kajgo, Bitef dance company, 2018 (directed: Jelena Kajgo; Role: the boy Marko)
  • “Imaginationwood Riddles“, S. Ljujić, MoniCart production, 2018; (Directed by: Monika Romić; Rolle: Johnny, the fairy dwarf-giant)
  • In 2012, his short story placed third in literary competition “Blood Means Life”, among 490 works submitted nationwide
  • In 2013, won second place at the regional recitation competition with “She May Be Asleep“ by V. P. Dis