See how drama students rehearse after coming back to classes

/ / News / 3. 06. 2020.

Students of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts are slowly coming back to school. Classes are made up and consultations held before the upcoming exam terms, but the focus is on practical lessons which were lacking during the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

First-year drama students in the class of professors Miloš Đorđević and Tadija Miletić took the opportunity to complete the practical part of the lesson in Voice Technique. The lesson was held by professor Agota Vitkai Kučera.

Dancing, singing and great vibes

Together with the students, the professor went through the lessons carried out during the online classes. They practiced voice technique and different keys, and the students used this class to prepare for the upcoming exam term.
It was evident how much the students missed their colleagues in the past few months, and the rehearsals were full of laughter, good vibes and hard work.

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