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On the Main Stage of the National Theatre of Republika Srpska, on July 3, a solemn award ceremony was held as part of this year’s Academic Theater Festival.

Based on the decisions of the jury and the audience, the following awards were presented to FCA students:

  • SPECIAL AWARD FOR ACTING BRAVURA was awarded to TAMARA STANISAVLJEV for her highly layered and mysterious portrayal of Anđa in the drama “Ljubav i krivica”. Using restrained but thoughtfully crafted acting techniques, Tamara Stanisavljev achieved a kind of acting bravura, and with controlled emotion, significantly contributed to the excitement of this play until the very end.
  • The award for BEST LEAD ACTOR was given to ĐORĐE JOVIČIĆ for his role as Strahinja Banović in the play “Ljubav i krivica”. This character is one of the most interesting and challenging in Serbian dramatic literature. Đorđe Jovičić meticulously crafted his performance, convincingly portraying his character on stage and demonstrating a wide range of acting skills, as well as possessing exceptional acting talent.

A reminder: On July 2, at 5 p.m., at the National Theatre of Republika Srpska, on the “Petar Kočić” stage, visitors had the opportunity to watch the play “Ljubav i krivica“, performed by students of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade.

The play is an adaptation of the drama “Banović Strahinja” by Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz, opening an eternal debate on the relationship between love and duty regarding guilt and forgiveness. In this play, the conflict is portrayed closely as a sharp disagreement among the characters of the drama regarding whether love redeems all transgressions, or if we err when we forgive in the name of love. The theatrical realization was closely supervised by Professor Vida Ognjenović and assistant Milo Lekić.

The cast included: 

  • Đorđe Jovičić (Banović Strahinja); 
  • Tamara Stanisavljev (Anđa);
  • Jovan Nešković (Vlah Alija);
  • Milo Lekić (Vojin Jugović).

The author of the photographs is Tina Šipka.

Congratulations to our awarded students on this exceptional success!

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