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Become a part of art production

The studies of art production and media management at the FCA have been designed to provide a unique combination of art education and modern technologies.

This is a study program that will forge you into contemporary and imaginative creators, capable of understanding the new concept of media and art scene and make an impact on it.

Art production and media management at the FCA is the right choice for a person who cannot decide upon a single area in art to dive into; whose talent is founded upon will, desire and imagination.

This is why the program has been formulated so that you gain an expansive education that will turn you into complete multimedia creatives, who know how to use the modern digital technologies and implement them into innovations into this wide area of society.

Apply and learn how you can become a part of a new class of producers at the FCA

If you want to become a contemporary producer, apply online and learn what you need for enrollment, what the entrance exam is like and what you need in order to become a part of the new class at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

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