/ / News / 27. 06. 2023.

Since its establishment, FCA has been working on improving the quality of education and the institution as a whole to provide its students with the best education in the field of arts. In addition to regular teaching activities, FCA supports and actively encourages its students to engage in various extracurricular activities.

Therefore, we have adopted the Regulation on the Evaluation of Extracurricular Activities of FCA Students, which regulates the conditions and procedures for evaluating extracurricular activities and rewards students for their engagement in various forms of activities, such as participation in FCA organs and bodies, participation in scientific research and professional work, participation in professional practices not provided for in the enrolled study program, participation in the work of official clubs and sections, voluntary work in the local community, participation in sports events and national and international competitions, participation in the organization and work of winter and summer schools, workshops, and conferences, involvement in the activities of students with disabilities, as well as in various cultural, artistic, and sports activities.

For each activity recognized as extracurricular, students can receive a corresponding number of ECTS credits, which are recorded in the diploma supplement. These credits do not affect the students’ obligation to pass all the exams provided for in the study program. The FCA Commission for the Evaluation of Extracurricular Activities of Students determines the fulfillment of conditions and the scope of activities expressed in ECTS credits for extracurricular activities. Students may simultaneously apply for the allocation of ECTS credits on multiple grounds, and the application is submitted from October 1 to October 30 for activities carried out during the previous school year. Exceptionally, in the case of graduation, a student may submit an application before this deadline.

By introducing this regulation, FSU aims to encourage its students to actively participate in various extracurricular activities and acquire additional knowledge, skills, and experiences that will be beneficial for their future work and career development. By rewarding additional ECTS credits for engagement in extracurricular activities, FCA emphasizes the importance of these activities and recognizes them as additional value that will contribute to the improvement and development of students.

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