Biljana Velinović’s exhibition The Red Letter in the Gallery of SKC

/ / News / 21. 04. 2022.

The professor of painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts Biljana Velinović is the author of the exhibition The Red Letter that will be opened on Wednesday, 20 April, at 7 p.m. in the Gallery of the Student Cultural Centre (SKC) (at the address Kralja Milana street No. 48).

The Red Letter is a story of solitude…

The opus The Red Letter comprises multimedial works created in the course of the last two years. The tradition and customs, some of which are connected to religious holidays, marked with a red letter in a calendar, are what inspires and infuses the works of this exhibition. The exhibited works present customs through themes, such as the custom of kissing the ground, the custom of making ritual bread, the custom of dyeing eggs etc. The customs can also be traced through the creative techniques and materials used in designing the exhibited works.

Embroidery is applied to different materials – bed sheets, cotton towels, miners’ helmets etc. The decorative features of embroidery are opposed to unsettling images of the place and the tragic destiny of those who wore these helmets. The photographs printed on canvas belong to the artist’s personal collection. The miners’ helmets are the original helmets found and brought out from the Aleksinac mine after the horrible accident in 1989. Through perseverance necessary to make embroidery the role of a woman has been evoked in typical activities, household chores, in the hardship of waiting to which a woman has often been fated. So, in the end, what does the red letter stand for? A religious holiday, a day to rest, superstition…? The red letter is a story of solitude.

About the artist:

Biljana Velinović (1977) obtained a bachelor’s degree in mural painting from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2010, and she obtained a PhD in multimedia arts from the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2018. She is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts for the subject Multimedia Arts and she is a professor of applied studies at the Information Technology School for the subjects Video Production and Visual Effects. She is the recipient of the ULUS Award for Expanded and New Media in 2017. She is an applied painting artist and she has presented a number of works in our country and abroad. She has been a member of ULUS (The Association of Serbian Artists) since 2014. She lives and works in Belgrade.
This fascinating exhibition will be open to visitors from 20 April to 6 May. Enjoy Biljana Velinović’s art.

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