Doctoral students’ exhibition “Three Perspectives” at FCA

/ / News / 13. 06. 2019.

“Three Perspectives”, an exhibition by FCA’s students pursuing a doctorate in visual arts, opened on April 25 at FCA.

The exhibition is a joint effort by Nikolija Tubić, Ana Fafulić and Miroljub Matović, whose work blends their ideas covered in Interdisciplinary Research in Visual Communication classes led by professor Dušanka Komnenić.

Authors respond to the visitors’ complex questions

Our students successfully gave authentic interpretations and, through their work, mapped the places in the great arena that is contemporary art.

In addition, Nikolija Tubić, Ana Fafulić and Miroljub Matović addressed the audience and responded to their complex questions.

FCA is proud of its doctoral students. Check out the photos of the opening of the “Three Perspectives” exhibition.