FCA student in Mechelen via Erasmus+ program

/ / News / 28. 03. 2024.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, the Department of Creative Communications represents a key component in educating future leaders in creative industries, offering knowledge from various fields, including performing arts, media, and sound and music production.

Ivana Lješković, a student at this faculty, used this multidisciplinary platform as a springboard to participate in the Erasmus+ exchange program at the University of Applied Sciences Thomas More in Mechelen.

This experience not only enriched her academic journey but also expanded her professional horizons, providing her with an opportunity to apply and deepen her skills in an international environment. Mechelen, with its rich cultural heritage, became not only a place for academic exchange but also a platform for intercultural learning and creating lasting connections, confirming that the opportunities offered by the Department of Creative Communications at FCA lead to international achievements.

Ivana Lješković is the first student from the Faculty of Contemporary Arts to have the privilege of participating in the Erasmus+ student exchange program. Ivana, who is studying Applied Media and Content Creation, had the opportunity to spend time at the University of Applied Sciences Thomas More as part of the International Communication and Media (ICM) program. This esteemed institution is located in the Flemish part of Belgium, in the city of rich history and architecture – Mechelen.

The opportunity to learn at this institution provided Ivana with a chance to expand and upgrade her knowledge, as well as perfect existing skills. All professors were experts in their fields, most of them teaching out of a genuine desire to pass on their rich knowledge to new generations.

Getting to know a new culture of life can be challenging, especially during a short period of only five months. However, like many Erasmus+ participants before her, Ivana has proven that it is possible. “This immersion in the culture is intense, but in a very short time, you feel like part of an ecosystem built by people of different profiles, some similar to you, and some drastically different. However, it is possible to find something in common with everyone”, says Ivana.

Although the exchange program brings many new and exciting experiences, from new subjects and learning in a foreign language to navigating in a completely new environment, what is most special about this adventure are precisely the people. The experience is always shaped the most by the people you share it with, and in Mechelen, Ivana was welcomed with open arms. Socializing is diverse – there are locals, other international students, and even those from our regions, who become a piece of home in an unfamiliar environment.

This experience represents an unforgettable adventure that everyone should experience. Although it’s not for everyone, from each such experience, we can learn something new, and one should accept such opportunities with an open heart and mind. Ivana has formed lifelong friendships, learned invaluable lessons, and made unforgettable memories.

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