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On November 29, 2023, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts had the privilege of welcoming an extraordinary guest, poet and actress Radmila Knežević. Radmila Knežević was born in Prizren. She graduated in acting and completed her studies in literature.

She is employed as an actress at the National Theater of Priština, based in Gračanica. Her love for literature has given rise to several outstanding plays for children, for which she has been awarded, as well as a strong poetic voice. A special mark of her poetry is the poems written in the Prizren-Timok dialect, which were the reason for inviting her to this meeting, organized by the professor of stage speech, Biljana Đurović. This encounter will remain memorable for everyone, especially for third-year acting students in the class of Professor Irfan Mensur. Introducing students to the lyricism written in the dialectal language, our guest opened the doors to the former imperial city of Prizren and very inspiringly and with great dedication and love conveyed to the students the atmosphere of that city, speaking to them about its history, culture, people, language, heritage, and customs.

The strength of her expression was transferred to all students, who joyfully embarked on a new speaking adventure, showing a desire to convey the poems from “Pesme prizrenske” as truthfully as possible. One of the reviewers of this gifted collection of poems, poet Miroslav Aleksić, noted that they were sung with our source and origin, with the poet’s great and profound lyrical strength, calling them filigree linguistic craftsmanship, and the poet herself – a priestess.

It was truly a special joy to be in the company of our guest that day, who promised to visit us again, eagerly anticipating the exam where she will listen to her verses interpreted by young colleagues.

“Pesme prizrenske” will surely be heard of. They will be carried not only by students of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts but also by time itself. New generations will be able to read them from an author’s copy donated to the FCA library, and alongside this record, we share one of the poems with you.


Na Šadrvan češmu vodu si pila

Kosa na bele grudi padnala

Koža ka čista prizrenska svila

Toj da te gledam, ti ne si znala.

Taj noć s’m prekraj reke odija,

Mesečina na ćeramitke padnala,

Svoj s’n ne s’m nikomu zborija

Toj da te iskam, ti ne si znala.

Bistrica žišku dušu ladila,

Kaldrma moju tajnu pojala,

Lipa miriše, mislim će dođeš

Toj da te čekam, ti ne si znala.

Ćutim, snijem, ne s’m pri sebe,

U srce golema tuga stanala,

Ostade jed’n pogled od tebe,

Toj da te volim, ne si saznala.

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