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The student symposium held as part of the “Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education” (CCHE) conference for 2024 attracted significant attention from ITS and FCA students. The event took place on February 2, both in the beautiful surroundings of Kopaonik and online, allowing for the presentation of a wide range of research papers and discussions about them. Of the 19 submitted papers, nine belong to FCA and ITS students.

Below are brief descriptions of these papers:


“Razumevanje prostora i procesa učenja u novomedijskom društvu” – Aleksandra Svetlik: The paper explores how new media shape space and learning processes, and how educational institutions can adapt to these changes.

“Pozitivni efekti globalizacije koji utiču na obrazovanje i društvo” – Lenka Petrović: The paper explores how globalization can have a positive impact on education and social development, promoting intercultural understanding and collaboration.

“Izazovi proučavanja prošlosti i kreiranje budućnosti: Muzeji i visoko obrazovanje pred digitalnim izazovima” – Marija Raičković: This paper considers how the digital era affects museums and higher education, especially concerning the study of the past and the creation of the future.

“Stereotipi u obrazovanju” – Nevena Trkulja: The presence and impact of stereotypes in the educational system are analyzed, as well as how they can affect the learning process and student development.

“Globalizacija i interkulturalno obrazovanje” – Sara Nikolić: The research focuses on the need to integrate intercultural education into curricula as a response to the challenges and opportunities brought by globalization.

“Maksimiranje korisnosti menadžera” – Nađa Božić i Stefan Aleksandar Knežev: These two papers address key aspects of organizational management efficiency, emphasizing the importance of developing management skills in the contemporary business environment.


“Tehnološki izazovi savremenog visokog obrazovanja” – Milica Vujović: The paper focuses on various technical challenges shaping the current and future state of higher education, emphasizing the need to integrate new technologies into educational processes.

“Hrišćanstvo i veštačka inteligencija” – Bogdan Košutić: This research deals with ethical and philosophical questions arising from the interaction between Christianity and the development of artificial intelligence.

These papers sparked significant discussions among participants, providing insights into different perspectives and encouraging further research in many areas. The student symposium of the CCHE conference for 2024 achieved its goal, providing students with the opportunity to present their papers, exchange ideas, and acquire new knowledge, thereby contributing to enriching the academic community.

Details from the Student Symposium can be found on the CCHE conference website:, as well as in the gallery.

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