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Professor Dr. Đorđe Stanojević, a prominent artist and professor at FCA, has the honor of representing the Republic of Serbia at the prestigious Art Biennale in Malta, which will open on March 12 and run until the end of May this year. This biennale, celebrating visual arts and heritage, will provide visitors with a unique insight into the richness and diversity of the Serbian art scene through the lens of the Serbian Pavilion.

Biljana Jotić, curator of the Serbian Pavilion and director of the Museum of Applied Arts, has chosen a theme that explores painting and sculpture as primary mediums through which human spirit and creativity have been expressed since the beginnings of civilization. The exhibition’s concept, with its site-specific nature, delves into themes of duality – the feminine and masculine principles, elements of water and earth, and the mediums of movable heritage: painting and sculpture – merging them into a harmonious dialogue between tradition and contemporary creation. Inspired by romanticism, this concept deeply relies on ideas that are both ancient and timeless, particularly emphasizing the importance of preserving and valorizing heritage.

Professor Stanojević, along with artists Ivana Živić and Miodrag Rogan, brings a unique perspective to the biennale. His works, deeply rooted in nature and its elements, reflect his longstanding fascination and respect for Mother Earth. After years of work in the world of design and media, Stanojević returns to the basics – painting and sculpture – exploring the essential connection between nature and art. His studio, presented as a space without boundaries, is where the artist allows natural elements to interact with the canvas, creating works that are a true reflection of the moment and the region in which they originate.

The representation of Serbia at the Art Biennale in Malta through the works of Prof. Dr. Đorđe Stanojević and his colleagues undoubtedly presents an exceptional opportunity to show Serbian art and culture on the international stage, offering audiences insight into the richness and depth of Serbian artistic expression. This event not only celebrates artistic heritage and contemporary creation but also fosters dialogue and exchange between cultures, confirming the universal power of art to connect people worldwide.

Biennale, a term originating from the Italian language meaning “every other year”, refers to an international art event held every two years at a specific location. This manifestation brings together artists, critics, curators, and art enthusiasts from around the world, providing a platform for exhibiting new works, exchanging ideas, and promoting artistic trends. Biennales are extremely important for contemporary art as they represent a cross-section of current artistic practices, enabling artists to gain international visibility and recognition.

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