Goran Petrović

Goran Petrović

Email address: goran.petrovic@fsu.edu.rs

Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Interior architecture

Digital Drawing, Materials in Interior, Architectural Materials

Goran Petrović graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1996. Starting in 2008, he taught Materials Knowledge and Application at the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia as a visiting professor, and since 2010 he has been teaching Fundamentals of Design (department: Interior Design) and Digital Drawing at Graphics and Visual Arts departments. He has been a member of ULUPUDS since 2006.

  • 1997–2017 Lasting cooperation with the “Škart” group in different areas of design and a number of other projects, workshops
  • 2000 LUMINOISE, ambiental stage design, Hotel Europa, European theater tour with the “Škart” group
  • 2000–2003 Project SEAS BOX, production design with the “Škart” group in cooperation with Intercult, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2003 Book-object “memory”, Mihail Štaufer with the “Škart” group
  • 2003 Book series “The Book Project”, European Cultural Foundation, with the “Škart” group
  • 2008 “Book-art object” Museum “25 May” Belgrade, Punkt
  • 2008 Saint-Etienne design biennale, with the “Škart” group
  • 2010 “Klackalište” Venice Biennale of Architecture, Serbian pavilion, with the “Škart” group
  • 2011 ULUPUDS award for design for 2010, with the “Škart” group
  • 2011 Participation at the “Mladi levi” festival in Ljubljana, with the “Škart” group
  • 2012 “Akto” festival in Bitola, with the “Škart” group
  • 2012 “Book-art object 2, National Library of Serbia”, Belgrade, Punkt
  • 2012. Exhibition “Škart Half-Time”, MPU, Belgrade, with the “Škart” group
  • 2013. “Artefact festival 2013”, Leuven, Belgium, with Dušica Dražić
  • 2013. Festival “Mladi levi”, Ljubljana with the “Škart” group
  • 2013. “Diderot 2.0”, windows of French Cultural Center, Belgrade
  • 2014 Festival “Park Tysiąclecia / Millenium Park”, Zielona Góra, Poland, with the “Škart” group
  • 2014. Jury member at the “Mikser – Common Happiness” competition
  • 2016. “Book-art object 3”, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Punkt
  • Design and development of projects in various architectural firms (Invest biro, GMB, Cepro)
  • B&Z graphics studio, prepress and graphic design, machinery operator
  • Logotext, digital print, prepress and graphic design
  • Member of the “Škart” group since 2005