Irina Tomić

Irina Tomić

teaching assistant

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Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Historical sciences

Art History

Academic career:
  • Art History Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, 2009
  • Master studies, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, 2014
  • Doctoral studies of art history, Department of Modern Art, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, 2015
  • Winning of the Pavle Beljanski memorial collection award for 2010

Irina Tomić teachers the subjects Art History Overview and Anthropology at the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia. Her research as an art historian concern modern and contemporary art, with a special emphasis on the art in Serbia and Yugoslavia in the 20th century, the influence of Byzantine cultural heritage on the development of modern and contemporary art, art during World War II. In the area of ethnology and anthropology, her research concerns folk traditions and beliefs in the Balkans, gender studies and the anthropology of the body.

Before she started teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia, Irina Tomić used to work at the Little Gallery “Singidunum” (2008). At the National Museum in Belgrade (2014–2016) she volunteered first as a volunteer-apprentice, and then as a custodian, working in the area of museum activity and heritage protection. In 2014 and 2015, she participated in the making of the catalog for the art collection of the “Defense” Media Center of the Ministry of Defense.

Irina Tomić has also been an author of a number of exhibitions. As a part of the Museum Night (2011), in Pavle Beljanski memorial collection in Novi Sad, she hosted an exhibition of paintings by Rada Selaković, entitled Gold. With Olivera Vukotić, she created the exhibition Talent and Sensitivity (Selected works from the collection of MC “Defense”), in the Serbian Military Center’s Big Gallery (2016). She is currently working on a doctorate on art during World War Two.


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