Sculptures and drawings of FCA alumnus Lazar Marković in the Gallery of the Association of Fine Artists of Zrenjanin

/ / News / 12. 07. 2021.

A solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings titled Rectangle and a few circles in it by a FCA alumnus, artist and a Master of Arts, Lazar Marković, was opened in the Gallery of the Association of Fine Artists of Zrenjanin.

The name of the exhibition, in the author’s words, arose from the need to focus on three visual elements – composition, line and shape. 

– The sculptures are a continuation of the work started during my specialist studies. Back then, I focused on architecturality of sculpture, which can be explored from different aspects, from statics to structure. My work was centered around structure, more specifically, architecturality through the construction of a sculpture. Drawings on tar paper are an additional element of this exhibition, cut in circular shapes, and created by applying acrylic putty, scratching, painting, and finally, sanding. Both elements of the exhibition are formatted in the shape of a rectangle. The sculptures are installed on the floor, with an empty space where the circles, which were ‘subtracted’, should have been. Circular drawings were ‘added’ to the wall, which is rectangular – explains MA Lazar Marković.

Lazar Marković obtained his Master’s degree in painting at FCA 

Lazar Marković was born in 1960 in Novi Sad. He obtained his bachelor’s and Master’s degree in graphics at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He completed a Master’s degree in painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, and a Master’s degree in sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. 

He also completed specialist studies in terracotta sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He has had 61 solo exhibitions and about 300 group exhibitions in the country and abroad so far – from Rome, Tokio, Dortmund, Miami, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, to Novi Sad and Subotica. His photographs have been shown in six solo exhibitions. 

You can see the works of Lazar Marković in Zrenjanin until April 23 when the exhibition closes.

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