Expert guidance through the START 2022 exhibition at the Art Center of the University Library

/ / News / 10. 05. 2022.

Your fellow students of Painting and Multimedia at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts invite you to the exhibition START 2022, at the Art Center of the University Library (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 71).

It is an exhibition of drawings and spatial installations, and expert guidance through the exhibition will be held on May 11, starting at 18:00 h. Your hosts will be curator and designer, Nataša Matović, Professor Ružica Bajić Sinkević, and FCA students whose works can be seen in the exhibition.

Human body as the central motif of artistic expression

Authors featured at the START 2022 exhibition are: Kristina Stanišić, Iva Zeković, Milica Pejković, Isidora Simić, Darinka Suter Počuča, Milica Gajić, Mina Kaljević, Milorad Kovačević, Branislav Suvajdžić, Despot Đurić, and Nikola Ćalasan.

The author of the exhibition is Associate Professor, Ružica Bajić Sinkević, MA.

The exhibition START 2022 features drawings, photographs and spatial installations, with the human body as the central motif of artistic research. The motif of the human body is always relevant in visual arts. During their studies at art schools, young artists attend various courses which are centered around the analysis of the human body, starting with the Drawing course where they draw analytical studies of models and motion on large formats, seeking to pinpoint exact proportions, character and artistic value of a line or valerian, thus engaging in psychological analysis of the person they are drawing.

The next course, Anatomical Drawing, teaches them about man’s skeletal and muscular system. They also perform analytical studies of the character, motion and proportions of the model posing in front of them through drawing, trying to understand what happens inside the body when it is in motion, or at rest in terms of anatomy.

In senior years of study, they approach analytics and search for the truth of the human body with regard to the actual model, drawing or installation in the Evening Nude Drawing course, freed from obligatory anatomical accuracy, and approach this problem through the use of various materials. The model does not stay in the same position for long, the concept is pre-designed, and various drawing materials are used.

Eleven students of the third and fourth year of Painting and Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts approach the analysis and representation of the human body in different ways. The displayed works were created in the Evening Nude Drawing, where students directly interact with the model, and use different techniques for their works. They skillfully utilize traditional drawing techniques, such as pencil, ink or pastels, but also non-standard techniques and materials, creating spatial drawings that feature wire, foil installations, embroidery on canvas, photographs, etc. They sometimes even use their own body as a tool, creating compisitons by imprinting certain body parts on canvas, or painting with their fingers, instead of brushes. Their experiments are aimed at creating something new and fresh. By depicting what we can see on the surface of the human body, these young artists also help us view it from the inside, and touch upon the spiritual, the essential and the true.

Ružica Bajić Sinkević, MA

Visit the Art Center of the University Library to enjoy the art of young FCA students, and learn what inspired them to create such works.

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