Student works in collaboration with the art workshop Bura at the FCA gallery

/ / News / 16. 11. 2020.

FCA students took part in this year’s BURA art workshop, which organized a section of their activities at our faculty.

The theme of this year’s workshop was “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, and the students’ works will be displayed at the FCA Gallery (12 Svetozara Miletića Street). The authors and the representatives of the BURA workshop will present the pieces on Friday, November 13, starting from 6 PM.

The exhibition is open November 13 through 26

The students’ works answer existential, philosophical, migratory, coming-of-age and other universal dilemmas. The artistic genres include drama, interactive installations, film, videos and fashion shows. The omnibus of short artistic forms is followed by an exhibition of costumes made from recycled materials, drawings and photos.
The exhibition is open through November 26, 2020.

A microcosm of young artists’ ideas

A brief description of the works introduces us to the young artists’ microcosm:
“Nebo i zemlja” is a dramatic story of parting for the sake of fulfilling dreams, nostalgia and the joy of meeting again. In other words – be careful what you wish for.

“Trt-mrt, život ili smrt” faces the audience with a life choice and confronts them with the consequences of their own decisions by symbolically passing through a tunnel. You can choose to go left or right.

The video “Shvatiti ili mrzeti” speaks in the language of non-verbal theater and face art about the desire to fit in, which turns into equal communication through self-knowledge. The course of change is clear in the color of the participants’ faces.

The film “Umri pre smrti” speaks about the phenomenon of dying before the hour of judgment, which is related to being outside the current moment. Seize the day (Carpe diem) without tension seems to be the motto of this short feature film.

The Miss Eco fashion show humorously raises important environmental issues and provides an opportunity for the audience to decide on an appropriate attitude towards the environment. So opt for Papirka, Plastičarka or Pamučarka!

The workshops were led by: Dejan Jajčanin, Predrag Đurđević, Danica Rakočević, Prota Škart – Dragan Protić, Goran – Orge Nikolić, Jelica Stojančić and Dragana Nikoletić. Special guests: Jelena Bogavac, Tamara Antonović, Katarina Jakšić.

The participants

Dušan Erceg – Music Communications
Elena Đokić – Music Communications
Ina Grčić – Music Communications
Jovana Stoisavljević – Music Communications
Mina Knežević – Music Communications
Sofija Gajdobranski – Music Communications

Anđela Trišić – Drama
Nikola Todorović – Drama
Teodora Đedović – Drama

Marica Maksimović – Costume Design
Mia Đurović – Costume Design
Natalija Vidojković – Costume Design
Sara Nikolić – Costume Design
Sofija Tadić – Costume Design

Marta Glavčić – Interior Design
Nastasja Jelešević – Interior Design
Nikolina Grujić – Interior Design
Sofija Stanković – Interior Design

Katarina Živadinović – Multimedia Production
Nevena Prvulj – Multimedia Production
Radomir Vranjković – Multimedia Production

Danijel Savić – Art Production and Media Management
Ivan Lazarević – Art Production and Media Management
Kristijan Jeremić – Art Production and Media Management
Milica Jasikovac – Art Production and Media Management
Pavle Korać – Art Production and Media Management

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