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On Thursday, September 14, the first in a series of exhibitions of works by students of the master program in product design, entitled “MIL-LIM”, was held at the FCA Gallery. The authors of this interesting exhibition are students Lenka Petrović and Marta Glavčić, who presented works created during the academic year 2022/23 within the PDP (Practice Design Practice) program, i.e., workshops within the main subjects of the master’s program.

The number of visitors that evening speaks to the quality of knowledge and skills that the students acquired during their studies and then applied to their artworks. Also, this is another excellent example of how to promote and motivate young artists who are just starting their careers.


The Product Design program encourages freedom of choice. We believe that the intersection of fields of action is significant, but it is also okay to specialize exclusively in one direction… because everything IS design.

Although our future students may have prior knowledge in different areas coming from different schools, we firmly believe that the most important thing is for each of them to have a GENUINE interest in design and creative work, to WANT to work on themselves and develop their creativity, and to possess PASSION to create products with narrative, intention, and purpose. What exactly these products and projects will be is up to the students to define… because design IS everything.

So, what is the result of this study program?

The truth is that upon completing this program, you probably won’t automatically become an artistic director, but we will help you become a creator with an authentic expression, capable of defining your own path, whether in the industry or in self-production.

Practice Design Practice (PDP) consists of a set of six exercises/workshops conducted throughout one academic year, guiding students through the design process step by step. PDP is carefully planned to successively cover a wide range of topics and areas of professional work, encompassing various techniques, technologies, and materials.

Additionally, an equally important goal is the periodic redirection of students’ focus: by working on these exercises, students take short breaks from their master’s thesis, which helps them create a positive distance, digression, and change their perception – in other words, to see everything from a different perspective.

Congratulations to our students on this exceptional success, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

See photos from the exhibition:


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