The first week of online instruction at FCA: Colleague, are you teaching an empty classroom?!

/ / News / 27. 03. 2020.

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts has promptly responded to the current situation in Serbia and around the world, offering its students an alternative immediately after school closure. The students have enjoyed an interrupted learning process, given that they attend lectures online via chat and email and have constant interaction with the professors.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, a place where art and technology speak the same language, online learning has been implemented thanks to the state-of-the-art Distance Learning Platform. The first step is always the hardest, and both the students and the professors needed a bit of time to familiarize themselves fully with the process, especially given that FCA is an art school whose classes include plenty of practical work. However, the first week of online teaching at FCA was excellent.

Jokes and serious questions during the live chat with professor Stanojević

The head of the Visual Arts Department, Đorđe Stanojević, gave a lecture on art form.

“At first, it was really difficult. I’ve never had such an experience. I felt like I was teaching the bare walls, however, the students’ feedback was wonderful and encouraging. There were serious questions, but also the much needed humor. Together we’ve managed to organize everything, including the consultations, and I’m more than satisfied with the entire process”, said Đorđe Stanojević.

One of the students attending the Game Art course, Marko Milojević, first made a joke by sending an image of the famous actor Nikola Simić from the movie “Lajanje na zvezde”, where he wrote: “Colleague, are you teaching an empty classroom?”, after which he sent a serious message:

“Dear professor, I would like to congratulate you on the lecture. I believe it’s difficult to work in an empty classroom, however, it felt like you were addressing us directly, which made the class equally as good. I wish you plenty of luck in the upcoming lectures and I believe all will be back to normal soon”, wrote Marko to his professor.

Interesting online tasks for the most hard-working students

Financial Management professor, Milena Ilić, was also satisfied with the first week of online teaching.

“I tried to make the class interesting and encourage the students to participate, rather than to have an “ex cathedra” lecture. I asked questions and gave them something to think about, for example: What is Serbia’s Human Development Index? When discussing the public debt, I suggested they explore the public debt of the Republic of Serbia and establish whether Serbia is a heavily indebted country. I invited the students to be active and provide answers to these questions. Two students sent their answers via email during the lecture. Afterwards, students also sent emails saying that they watched the stream and the presentations. I’m sure everything will be even better in the upcoming period”, said professor Ilić.

Until things go back to normal and the students and teachers return to their classrooms, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts strives to provide the best possible learning environment for its students, so that they could continue with classes in the second semester and prepare for the exams in the upcoming period.

Participate as much as you can, follow the live streams and interact with your professors. Be creative and stay safe and healthy.

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