Why the producer is the most important person in any art project

From idea to realization

To fulfill the dreams of showing your imagination on stages, screen and canvases and in global spaces, being just an artist is not enough. You also need to be a good planner, to have adequate marketing skills, as well as be a capable negotiator and a communicative person.

In other words, you need to be a producer.

The artist and the producer used to be separate professions, with their roles defined in advance. Today’s production has merged an increasing quantity of skills and titles, forms and content into a single entity, into one profession of today’s true polymath: the producer.

Contemporarv producer is also a multimedia creative, an artist of applied talents who can create, plan, realize, organize, lead, launch and promote his own or anyone else’s project.

A good producer is versatile

As he realizes ideas, but also provides the material means to the artistic end, he is akin to benefactors of yore, who financed the great artists. He – or, of course, she; FCA makes no difference in this matter – is also a skillful businessperson who knows how to connect the art and the audience, how to present the right ideas and implement an artistic vision into current cultural developments.

A producer who accepts an idea from anyone else must be a person of great influence on others’ creation. In that case, he can present the artist in the best possible way, connect him with his audience and make sure that all the necessary ingredients in order for art to happen are there.

A good producer is someone who works closely with the artist, enabling him to realize his goals.

Although they work with individuals and their visions, commercial clients, society’s systems and cultural institutions, successful producers emphasize that one connection is crucial for their work:

The one they establish with the artist within, as well as with the ideas that are handed to him by other artists.

And for this connection to work, the producer needs to be someone with an artistic sensibility and understanding of art.

Art and profit can go hand in hand

A good producer will always choose work he believes in. He is not just someone in search of business opportunities, but a true art lover with a passion for realizing art projects.

Simply put, the producer’s job allows him to express artistic creativity, social skills and practical ability.

Some might say that art and profit do not go well together. But it does not have to be that way. To the artist and the art itself, big profit must not be the primary foal, nor the primary reason to create, but it does not mean it’s unwelcome.

An artist who does not have to worry about the material aspect of existence can fully dedicate himself to art and realize his vision without any limitations.

Producer must understand art

This is why the producer’s job is of exquisite importance – he must encourage the artist to follow his own vision, help with its realization and presentation, and lead it to its audience. To do that, he must understand and respect art; in other words:

The producer is an artist who can lead a project all the way through the process from idea to audience on his own.

Simply put, the producer is a man who makes sure that his own or someone else’s creativity is realized; materialized.

One can be a producer and an authentic artist at the same time

For many artists, the job of a producer can be the most creative way to express one’s artistic affinities.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can get get an education that nourishes both sides of your personality equally and lets you be a great producer and an authentic artist at the same time.

The only thing common to every art producer’s workday is:

The first morning beverage… And the rest of the day is up to personal creativity.

And above all, from that first cup to bedtime, he is fully entitled and intrinsically bound to daydreaming; imagining the words he will help create or realizing own creative dreams.

Because, at the end of the day, the producer is the best representative and a true example of the creative industry.

A producer’s workday is dynamic and interesting

The producer also has a vibrant social life – he attends gala events, meetings with crews; he is seen at premiers; he regularly presents himself and his work in the media.

A producer’s workday is quite dynamic and interesting; no two days are the same and that is what many of them like the most about their job: it is a unique opportunity to meet new, interesting people, learn new things and realize inspirational ideas.

A good producer can make a living out of his own art

If you are an art lover or art maker yourself, have leadership and organizational skills, and you are also dynamic, enjoy working with other people and participating in exciting art projects, the job of a producer is certainly the right choice for you.

FCA’s Art Production and Media Management department provides practical and theoretical knowledge along with the right motivation, which will enable you to be a great artists and a successful producer. The producer is a person who, in any case and at any moment, knows how to and is able to make a living out of their own art.

Step into the dynamic and exciting world of viable, contemporary creativity!

Make the right decision for your career and become the producer of your own life. 

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