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Designers are professionals who shape the world around us. They create the taste of the epoch and originate trends. Besides talent, they require skill, innovation and speed, acquired through practical work. This is why Faculty of Contemporary Art has created a unique blend that comprises the most contemporary education for a designer for the Design studies:

  • blending knowledge in art, art theory and humanities;
  • blending professional skills in most in-demand Adobe and Autodesk software and practival work on real projects;
  • blending tradition and history of design with new tendencies, trends and innovations in the design world.

The completion of undergraduate studies brings you a degree in: interior design, graphic design, costume design


Whom is the Design department intended for?

If you are talented and like to experiment with forms, colors, typographic elements, surfaces and spatial relations, and would like to do a creative and well-paid job, this is the department for you.

According to your preferences, you can choose among three study programs that will shape your talent in the desired direction.

Whichever of these you choose, your interests will not be constrained by the professors; on the contrary, they will be encouraged. This is why these modules allow you to also focus your studying on industrial design, illustration, costume design, textile design, set design, illustration, animation, game art…


Prestigious Adobe and Autodesk certificared: top-level digital knowledge

Anyone wishing to become a successful designer must master the digital skills., as they are crucial for this profession.

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts you receive knowledge required for taking exams for Adobe and Autodesk certification. This means that at the end of your studies, along with the diploma, you also get a chance to get this valuable additional proof of your skill.

Adobe certification:

  • ACP Visual design using Photoshop;
  • ACP Graphic design & illustration using Adobe Illustrator;
  • ACP Print & digital media publication using Adobe InDesign;
  • ACP Web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • ACP Digital video using Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • ACP Visual effects & motion graphics using Adobe After Effects;
  • ACP Multiplatform animation using Adobe Animate CC.

Autodesk certification:

  • AutoCAD Certified User/Professional;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User.

What are the studies like?

The teaching process at Design takes three years, i.e. six semesters, and unfolds through theoretical and practical classes.

The courses you take classes and exams in at the department will provide you with everything you need in order to start your successful career in design while your studies are still underway.

This is achieved through comprehensive theoretical and practical teaching, exercises, seminar projects, colloquiums and graphics projects created on computers in professional software used in the industry, as well as through the interaction between the students and the mentor, and the fruits of this work are verified through pre-exam activities and at the exam itself.

The study program comprises compulsory and elective subjects. Each subject is taught for one semester.

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts is a full member of GIDE – an international academic group of different faculties of design

This is a great success for one national faculty, and obtaining partner status is also an indicator of the recognition and reputation that our faculty has in the international academic community among European faculties of this kind. Thus, FCA officially became part of the academic community of the most prestigious European faculties of design.

Faculties that are current members of GIDE are the following: Politecnico di Milano, the most prestigious faculty of design in Europe; Thomas More (Mechelen/Antwerp), the largest interior design faculty in Belgium; Universidade da Madeira (Portugal); University of Dundee (Scotland); Faculty of Design (Ljubljana); University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (Lugano); Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain); Faculty of Contemporary Arts (Belgrade).

Additional course packages for every designer’s success

In addition to the multitude of technical tools you will master at the undergraduate studies of design, at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can also acquire additional knowledge through additional skill packages that will enrich your skills and provide you with an advantage in the industry environment. Additional course packages include courses from Personal Development Program and 4 additional courses, which you choose yourself in accordance with your study program, according to your own preferences.

Additional courses for the students of design include training in Adobe Dreamweaver, 3ds Max Modeling, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and other software, and you can also choose courses like Entrepreneurship, Business English, Introduction to Video Production, and thereby acquire useful and practical knowledge that will help you achieve success in the career ahead of you.

Learn more about the courses you can chose along with the Personal Development Program as a student of design here »

What next?

With the knowledge you acquire at Faculty of Contemporary Arts, diploma and certification that verify it and experience in practical work, you can apply for any position in design that appeals to you, both in these parts and abroad.

Due to a large number of realized projects and works exhibited in attractive spaces during your studies, upon the completion of your studies your portfolio will be richer compared to the portfolios of your colleagues educated in different ways. This gives you an advantage with every employer, and therefore boosts your chances of landing your dream job.

Choose the best education for designers.