FCA students opened Đorđe Stanojević’s exhibition “Tokovi” at the ULUS Gallery

/ / News / 26. 09. 2022.

The exhibition “Tokovi”, whose author is Đorđe Stanojević, the professor and head of the Department of Visual Arts at FCA, was opened on Wednesday, September 21 at the ULUS Gallery in Belgrade. The opening was very emotional for the author because his students helped him present the exhibited works.

Fine Arts students completing their doctoral and master’s studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, mentored by Đorđe Stanojević, spoke about their professor’s works in front of the audience.

I had the honor of having them open the exhibition for me. My students. It was really wonderful! I am so proud – said Đorđe Stanojević to the audience.

Visit the exhibition “Tokovi” until October 13

The exhibition will last until October 13, and expert-led tours in the gallery will be organized for citizens and students of our faculty.

Professor Stanojević, through his work methodology, combines natural processes with artistic ones. He does all his work under the open sky, in nature, regardless of weather conditions. This is how works that present a dialogue with nature are created. In such situations, the painting becomes a medium for the broken connection between man and nature.

Dialogue is the keyword. Using the painting (but also through the painting itself), he connects with nature. The content of the painting is created in that dialog. The painting is, during the process of work, in a horizontal position, that is, lying on the ground. Đorđe uses natural pigments and mediums on canvas. The effect of natural forces does not hinder this process; it follows them. This is how “Tokovi” is created.

He follows and directs them, allowing them to form a painting. A dialectic emerges between intention and coincidence, and they become one. In this process, new knowledge is always gained about the world, energy, flows, etc.

Visit the ULUS Gallery (37 Knez Mihailova Street) and enjoy the art created by Professor Đorđe Stanojević.

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