Jelena Blečić

assistant professor

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Narrow scientific/artistic field:
Drawing and painting

Drawing, Drawing and Painting-Illustration

Jelena Blečić acquired her diploma in painting, as well as a master’s degree in the same field, from the Faculty of Scenic and Applied Arts – Academy of Fine Arts, Union University, Belgrade. She started her studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, at the University of Art in Belgrade, where she completed the first two years at the Department of Graphics, studying book illustration and design. She first started teaching at FCA as a visiting professor, and then become an assistant professor. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis from the area of applied psychology.

As a visual artist, she has been working and creating art independently for almost two fill decades; the axis of her work are the relations between the purse visual and applied arts, which was subject to her constant verification and adjustment, working in both painting and design.

Thanks to the participation at a number of national and foreign exhibitions, campaigns, projects, maintaining the outlook of continual dedicated research, Jelena Blečić has accumulated the experience and capacity which greatly contribute to her work at the Creative Intelligence program. Having in mind, just like many around her, the global domination of identity crisis, she views this program as socially responsible, as well as any other engagement with a similar subject matter.

She has recently started her own brand Fun Fan, whose field encompasses both fashion and applied everyday objects, and interior.

She has done projects, campaigns and fashion shows and acted as jury member, cooperating with big brands and companies such as Mercedes, Premiata, Cortefiel, Avon, PharmaSwiss, Adria media, Atica media, and worked on creative campaigns with magazines Casa viva, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Elle.

Throughout her work, she has kept evaluating and testing the universal and readable nature and the identity of her work.

For Jelena, switching between different media is refreshing for further steps.

She views her creative field as a single organism.

Her work and herself stem from the same tree. It is a tree that nurtures timeless values and where people have not only years of age, but spirit, too. Her audience are people in love with life and freedom, her work interpreted as happiness decoder and contagious joy.

Jelene Blečić’s works have elements of planetary aesthetics and local authenticity alike.

Campaigns, projects, jury membership:

  • Belgrade, Superstar agency, creating mascot and visual identity for AdEaters, 2001
  • Belgrade, Idea Plus marketing agency, Tikveš wines for the young, 2006
  • Belgrade, AVON regional campaign for fragrance Love in bloom, 2007
  • Belgrade, AVON fashion show, 2007
  • Mercedes-Benz campaign for A-class model, 2007
  • Pharmaswiss, internal campaign, 2008
  • Belgrade, member of the jury for selecting the best Pierre caricature organized by Večernje Novosti, youngest jury member up to that time, and the first woman, 2008
  • Klik, fashion agency, upon invitation, fashion detail exhibition author, 2008
  • Eurosong in Serbia, painting serigraphs for VIP guests of Eurosong, 2008
  • Belgrade, fashion show by Jelena Blečić at Luxury Fair, 2008
  • Belgrade, Casa Viva magazine, Jelena Blecic design for 2010, special inserts for the magazine, decorative can, watch, pillow, 2009
  • Belgrade, RTS, competition for best children’s drawings organized by the series “Na slovo na slovo”, jury member, 2011
  • Belgrade, jury member Opel, best design selection, 2011
  • Montenegro, fashion show by Jelena Blečić at the Dukley gardens Zavala complex, Budva, organized by Fashion connection, 2012
  • Serbia/Italy, Design and realisation of shoes by Jelena Blečić, Collaboration with company Premiata /, 2013.
  • Spain, Madrid, selected by one of the faces of the global campaign in 48 countries for the Spanish brand Cortefiel, upon their invitation. The basic platform of the campaign was the inspiration by successful, self-realized people of different professions, who paved their own professional way and their way in life, 2013
  • Belgrade, person of the year jury member, National Theater Belgrade, 2014
  • Belgarde, jury member invited by Soko Štark for the selection of best children’s drawing, 2014
  • Belgrade, guest artist at Elle magazine’s 10th birthday, 2015
  • Jury member for the selection of the annual exhibition program at the Stambol Gate gallery, 2015-2016
  • Belgrade, Stambol Gate gallery, Kalemegdan Fortress, Student drawing exhibition, curator and organizer, 2016
  • Belgrade, Museum Night, author and organizer of children’s workshop, 2016
  • Belgrade, Stambol Gate gallery, Kalemegdan Fortress, Student drawing exhibition, curator and organizer, 2016
  • Belgrade, Museum Night, author and organizer of children’s workshop, 2016
  • Belgrade, engaged as one of the editors at online magazine Refresh yout life, 2017
  • Belgrade, Stambol Gate gallery, Kalemegdan Fortress, Student drawing exhibition, exhibition organizer, 2017
  • Belgrade, Museum Night, author and organizer of children’s workshop, 2017
  • Osečina, participant at International Art Colony, 2017
  • Belgrade, lecture on Emotional Intelligence organized by Sensa Magazine, Adria media group press center, 2017
  • Belgrade, Initial level lecture of the seminar on Creative intelligence and creative identity, 2017
  • 2015, 2016 and 2017 marked by activities centered around the doctorate and the program, as well as the growing affinity and dedication to teaching.


  • Belgrade, NUBS
  • Belgrade, Cultural Center Belgrade Gallery
  • Belgrade, Students’ Cultural Center
  • Kragujevac, Kragujevac National Museum, Small Art Salon
  • Novi Sad, Ship, Zeppelin
  • Belgrade, Yugoslav Gallery of Art
  • Belgrade, Strategy Art center for contemporary art
  • Belgrade, ULUS in cooperation with Mercedes
  • Novi Sad, Vojvodina Bank Gallery
  • Belgrade, Zemun, Serigraphy exhibition at the Monodrama and Pantomime Festival
  • Belgrade, Ozone Gallery

International solo exhibitions

  • Montenegro Podgorica, Contemporary Art Center, 2000
  • Mexico, MINOCHE gallery, Mexico City, 2003
  • France, Strasbourg, Exhibition at the Council of Europe, 2010
  • Denmark, Gjethuset Cultural Center, 2011
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana, Arcadia Center, 2011
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana, Design Fair, 2011
  • Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, Pizana Gallery, 2012
  • Croatia, Šibenik, Šibenik City Museum, 2016

In 2003, Jelena received a grant from the state of Mexico, for a six-month artist’s study visit. Her mentor during this time was the artist Jan Hendrix. During her visit, she participated at the visiting artist program of the Esmeralda National School, and had a solo exhibition in Mexico’s capital.


  • 43rd BOOK FAIR, AWARD FOR DESIGN of the book GORNJA JABLANICA by Dr. Milorad Vasović, BELGRADE, 1998
  • UEPS prize for DESIGN by Jelena Blečić for IDEA plus agency, specijal new product packaging design award, Tikveš – wines for the young, Belgrade, 2006
  • Belgrade, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s woman of the year award, Belgrade, 2006


  •  Ministry of Culture of Serbia, painting and object, 2003
  •  Avon, Belgrade – painting for campaign, 2006
  •  Mercedes-Benz, Belgrade – painting, 2006
  •  Idea Plus Agency – painting, 2006
  •  MTS-Mondo, Belgrade – painting, 2007 
  •  Pharmaswiss, Belgrade, 2007
  •  RTS, Eurosong, Belgrade, Purchase of a limited series of serigraphs of selected works by Jelena Blečić as present to the participants and VIP guests of Eurosong in Beograde, 2008
  •   Belgrade Port, Belgrade, – 2 paintings, 2009
  •  Cultural center Gjethuset, Danmark – sculpture, 2011


  • Belgrade, Humanitarian Easter egg auction, Organized by Pero Gallery Belgrade, 2000  
  • Belgrade, Humanitarian auction, organized by Radio Belgrade – PROGRAM 202, 2000
  • Belgrade, Dream Ball, organized by US Embassy, HYATT hotel, 2001
  • Auction by breast cancer prevention foundation, 2008 
  • Humanitarian concert “Circle of Friendship”, Kolarac Endowment, donation for Kosovo, 2009
  • Upon invitation from Casa Viva magazine, painting chairs, donation for children’s safety, 2009 
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery, Zemun OCTOBER SALON, 1996
  • Beograd, NUBS – BELGRADE DRAWING, 1996
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – MAY EXHIBITION, 1997
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – ZEMUN OCTOBER SALON, 1997
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – MAY EXHIBITION, 1998
  • Beograd, Muzej 25. Maj – OCTOBER SALON, 1998
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – ZEMUN OCTOBER SALON, 1998
  • Beograd, 12 Plus Gallery – RATART exhibition, 1999
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – MAY EXHIBITION, 1999
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – ZEMUN OCTOBER SALON, 1999
  • Jagodina, Homeland Museum – INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, 2000.
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – AUTUMN SALON, 2001
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – SPRING EXHIBITION, 2001
  • Smederevo, National Museum – SARTID EXHIBITION, 2001
  • Zemun, Old Captaincy Gallery – Zemun OCTOBER SALON, 2002
  • Beograd, BRICKYARD – Alternative October Salon, 2016
  • Belgrade, UP Cvijeta Zuzorić – Exhibition by professors and students of ALUM, 2016
  • Belgrade, exhibition Salon in October, 2017

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