Turn space into your creation

Interior designers do one of the most creative jobs, which is also paid quite well. They shape private and public spaces and design the places where people spend their time.

In addition to giving form to the space, they also determine its atmosphere through the adequate use of certain forms, color, lights, materials…

Whom is the Interior Design department intended for?

If you have an eye for detail, love to plan the arrangement of furniture, have an interest in interior architecture, like to combine colors and materials, and/or you’re interested in set design and furniture or textile design, education at the Interior Design module is the best choice for you.

At this department, you can also focus your interest on stage design and prepare for a career in theater, as well as film.

You can also work in furniture or lighting design and thereby merge all your interests into a comprehensive interior designer authority.

Preparation for entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can prepare for the entrance exam free of charge in order to properly showcase your talent at the entrance exam. You have an unlimited number of consultations with teachers at your disposal; make the most of them. Do not miss a chance to receive expert advice and guidance from artists renowned in their fields.

Entrance exam

At the entrance exam, the candidate spends 3 classes (school periods) doing an interior design task in Understanding of Space (perspective, proportional relations). 

Duration: 1 day, 3 school periods

Vesna Pejović
Aleksandar Kušić
Ana-Marija Kovenz Vujić
Kovenz Vujić
Goran Petrović
Aleksandra Đorđević
Jelena Stepanov
Irina Tomić
Uroš Dojčinović
Nina Stojanović

The main subjects you will be studying at this department are shaping, architectonics and the use of materials, with the emphasis on intensive practical application of professional knowledge from industry, materials and crafts.

Alongside that, you will learn how to take into consideration the new requirements of a changing society and be in step with the trends and tendencies of contemporary design.

This kind of studies creates designers capable of managing the entire design process giving it their own personal signature.

Adobe and Autodesk certificates

Interior designers must know how to work in Autodesk software such as AutoCAD and 3ds Max, while knowing how to work in Adobe software increases their productivity and allows them to expand their work.

This is why, at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, designers receive comprehensive digital education, which prepares them for exams for Autodesk and Adobe certification. These valuable certificates will prove your knowledge to your future employees/clients and help you land the job that’s right for you.

Autodesk certification
  • AutoCAD Certified User / Professional
  • AutoCAD Certified User / Professional
Adobe certification – ACA (Adobe Certified Associate)
  • Visual Communication (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Web Authoring (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Video Communication (Adobe Premiere)
  • Graphic Design & Illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Print & Digital Media Publication (Adobe InDesign)

Practical work that leads to success

In order for you to acquire practical knowledge and prepare for real situations, tasks and projects, at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can attend practice in accordance with your interests.

Besides projects on which you will work with your professors, you have an opportunity to work with your colleagues from other departments – to work on set design for the plays your peers from the Acting department will perform at the country’s top stages, or to participate in the preparation of exhibitions where you will show your own work next to the work of your colleagues from Visual Arts and Graphic Design.

You will also have access to the studio and all professional equipment that belongs to eduTV, where you can work on film and television set design.

What next?

After you receive the education that the Interior Design module at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts provides, all doors will be open to you. You can work on interior design on your own or get a job at a prestigious companies and bureaus that operate in interior design.

Also, you can choose to direct your career towards lighting, furniture or stage design, since the knowledge you will acquire with us is multidisciplinary.

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